Mexican Beach Etiquette!

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Throughout various parts of the world, there are accepted practices that are suitable for each location and those that are forbidden. In the case of Mexico’s beaches, the country tends to fall in the middle. More free-spirited than U.S. beaches, but not as liberal as some European ones, a visit to a Mexican beach is a family-friendly experience.

When first entering a Mexican beach, you may see numerous tents and sleeping bags but don’t be alarmed. Beachside camping is allowed in Mexico as long as the property owners give their permission. Many of these campers are actually English-speaking tourists seeking an inexpensive night’s accommodations.

After locating a spot away from any restricted areas (mainly during turtle nesting season), it is now time to change clothing. Make sure to keep your swimwear on at all times, even while sunbathing, as any type of nudity is forbidden on Mexican beaches. Moreover, if sunbathing alone, you may want to wear a more conservative swimsuit or at least be more observant. Mexican men see all single, unaccompanied women as being available. Regardless if visiting the beach alone or with a group of women, be sure to put street clothing back on before leaving beachside areas.

If drinking alcohol while sunbathing, do not venture into the water. Many of Mexico’s beaches have strong undercurrents, and while waters may look safe from a distance, are dangerous to even slightly impaired swimmers. Refrain from drinking alcohol until later in the day to also help prevent dehydration. When eating or drinking other foods beachside, be sure to collect all trash and dispose of it properly, as many animals venture onshore during the late night and early morning hours.

Finally, refrain from making any loud noises. Avoid playing loud music, beeping car horns at passers-by and other unnecessary noisy behaviors. Mexico is a slower-paced country and these kinds of actions are frowned upon. Loud noises could also possibly scare beach-going horses who frequently pace many Mexican beaches as part of a horseback sightseeing tour.

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  • Orrin Howard
    May 13, 2013 6:26 pm

    During holidays, Mexico is crowded, and I’m one of them. Visiting spots in Mexico is relaxing and soothing, much more when you know you are not traveling unsecured. Protection is what Mexican car insurance is all about. I have it because that’s what I need.

  • Marjon Whitacre
    August 2, 2013 5:49 pm

    I understand that there are certain rules and regulations when hanging out at the Mexican beach. I don’t want to get involved with a lot of trouble when I am there. That’s why I am buying the Mexican auto insurance, minus one problem already.

  • Beatris Empey
    December 1, 2020 5:00 pm

    Casual clothes are generally worn and acceptable at the beach places in Mexico. I have lots of them packed in my suitcase.

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