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Mexican Auto Insurance through Mexican Insurance – Mexico Outdoor Markets

Since Mexico’s eating times are not consistent with many travelers’ established meal times, there may be instances where a snack is needed. Less expensive than visiting a sit-down restaurant, perusing one of Mexico’s open-air produce markets is a way to try new produce choices while enjoying them at low, Mexican prices.

If you are driving in Mexico, remember that you will need Mexican Auto Insurance through Mexican Insurance as US and Canadian Car Insurance is invalid in Mexico. This information is brought to you by Mexican Insurance Mexican Insurance, the best choice online provider of Mexico Insurance by Mexican Auto Insurance through Mexican Insurance is now required in order to drive on any highway in Mexico.

Depending on preferences and time of year, travelers may be interested in trying one of these items as a vacation snack:

Mexican oranges – these may appear green, but are actually fine to eat. Fully ripened, these strangely-hued oranges taste somewhat different from standard oranges in that they are more pungent and tart.

Bananas – not to be confused with plantains, which are usually green when ripe, bananas in Mexico are available in the standard yellow color as well as unique, red colored ones. While they appear different, red bananas tend to be more flavorful and hearty. Because they are very filling, these bananas tend to make a great stand-alone snack.

Peanuts- are a great substitute for vegetarians and vegans looking for an alternative to beans. Peanuts in Mexico are roasted, not boiled, in open-air markets. Since no preservation is required, these can be packaged and purchased for later consumption. Combine these with other purchased produce (salad ingredients) and use fresh, squeezed lime as a dressing for a quick and easy meal.

Pecans – this popular tree nut is a favorite among Mexican people. Combining the need for portable, non-perishable products with the ingenuity to use staple crops, Mexicans have developed pecan butter. Similar to peanut butter, this tends to taste nuttier and is excellent when spread on Mexican sweet rolls.

Breads – while not exactly produce, produce markets always sell fresh-baked breads. These are designed to be served with produce items and are usually offered with other baked goods; especially dessert items that accompany Mexico’s favorite night-time drink, hot chocolate.

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