Mexican auto insurance; Start Your Visit to the Yucatan State in Merida Mexico!

Mexican auto insurance; Start Your Visit to the Yucatan State in Merida Mexico!

Merida is not a small Mexican town. Its a big city and attracts thousands of visitors each year. But, its a great place to begin exploring the Yucatan State.
There are plenty of museums to give you a cultural and historical education, great restaurants and good hotels at a reasonable price. Just remember Mexican auto insurance for Merida.

Driving in Merida allows travelers to see the beauty of this city first-hand and at their own pace. Remember if you plan to drive to Mexico, you will need to purchase Mexican auto insurance as US and Canadian car insurance policies are invalid. To save time and money, buy Mexico car insurance online before your travel begins and enjoy your vacation protected. Because Mexico practices Napoleonic Law, its important to purchase Mexican Car Insurance at Mexican Insurance Store before your journey begins.

Although Merida offers a great deal for those on the go, it has also become a popular destination for those looking to experience a romantic getaway. Spas, resorts, and in city activities make it a great location to get to rekindle (or kindle) flames.

Most of Merida’s attractions are within walking distance from the downtown area, however those choosing to drive will get more than their share of rich scenic wonder visiting the beautiful churches such as the Iglesia de Jesus which dates to 1618 and Iglesia la Mejorada, which was built in the sixteen hundreds.

The downtown markets are great for picking up some interesting finds and a great place to meet and greet the friendly locals. Be sure to plan lunch one day here in the market, as some of the city’s best local food can be found at the little booths in the market.

Merida is a wonderful old world charm city and its surprisingly large with a population closing in on 1 million. The infrastructure was built to last and this has enabled a high level of authentic well cared for structures that make you feel you are walking back in time.

Be certain to visit the Museum of Popular Art of the Yucatan to get an appreciation for the art and artistry of this popular Mexican region. And, the Museum of Contemporary Art houses some of the best modern art from all over the country. This museum also offers a rotating exhibit of some local artists and craftspeople.

The oldest Church and cathedral complex on the continent, built in the late 16th century is within walking distance of downtown. A large amount of the stone within the cathedral’s walls came from the earthquake and war ravaged Tihó, the ancient Maya city. Some original mud and limestone stucco, can still be seen clinging to the rock walls. Start Your Mexico Visit to the Yucatan State in Merida!

Mexican auto insurance; Start Your Visit to the Yucatan State in Merida Mexico! Mexican auto insurance is needed because your US car insurance is invalid.

Mexican auto insurance

Merida Mexico – Where your Vacation Starts and Never Ends

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