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San Miguel is an inland location, northwest of Mexico City. It offers visitors something out of the ordinary when it comes to travel itineraries. Relying on its years of tradition, the city entices art lovers to both enjoy and become part of the audience. From visual and performing arts to quick learning language experiences, there is something to see and do in San Miguel for everyone.

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If interested in learning Spanish, many language schools allow travelers to study local dialects. These institutes may be combined with other studies; particularly visual arts. If looking to undertake a long-term, learning vacation; accommodations very close to these schools house visiting students.

One of the most famous schools for travelers to visit is the Instituto Allende. Here, travelers can watch concerts, view exhibitions and sit in on lectures. Be prepared though, as most of the lectures are in Spanish. It may be a good idea to learn some basic Spanish first before enrolling in any program; with the exception of introductory Spanish language lectures/programs/schools.

Visiting other art schools allows travelers to watch students create paintings, make sculptures and weave textiles. These are all created using the same techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation. Many of these completed items are for sale in the school’s gift store, and if available, private instruction can allow you to make and take your own work of art.

As mentioned, most art today is made using long-time methods. Many older art; including ornate buildings has been renovated. When in San Miguel, be sure to visit some restored mansions to experience all aspects of life in colonial Mexico.

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