Mexican Auto Insurance Reviews; Theres No Way Around It!

People often wonder why comparing Mexican auto insurance reviews at is necessary. After all, most U.S. and Canadian drivers maintain car insurance policies in their own countries. If thats true with you, youre probably curious as to why you cant just rely on such coverage while down in Mexico. Any way you slice it however, there is simply no substitute for Mexican liability insurance. Ignoring its importance will land you in some very hot water while you are south of the border. Unlike in the States, youre not going to be cited for driving without Mexico insurance; but if you are involved in an accident and cant produce proof of Mexican automobile insurance, theres a good chance youre going to jail. If you think that is just a warning to scare people, think again. Every day, people are locked up in Mexico for not having the right coverage.

Cash Wont Suffice

Theres a common misconception that you can bribe your way out of just about anything down in Mexico. While thats true about some places in the world, and used to be true about many parts of the Mexico legal system too, its generally not the case anymore. In the wake of an accident, you may think that flashing some cash will keep you out of trouble; more than likely, though, the officer will shrug his shoulders and ask for proof of Mexican liability insurance. If you cant provide it, he is within his rights to detain you.

Going without Mexico Insurance is Too Risky

Another strategy that some people use is to just visit Mexico without bothering to buy Mexico insurance. They figure that the odds of getting into an accident are so low that its overkill to buy coverage. Heres the thing, though: Theres no telling when or if an accident will happen. Even if youve gone years, or even your whole driving life without an accident, things can and do happen. When they do, they usually happen at the worst possible time. Once an accident happens, its too late. You cant go back and buy Mexican insurance.

Just Buy Coverage

The bottom line here is that you just cant go without coverage for driving in Mexico. Besides, its really not a big deal to buy a policy. First of all, this type of insurance is incredibly cheap. Second of all, you can buy it online in a matter of minutes. Its not like you’re going to break the bank or waste a lot of time buying it. Instead of shuffling your feet, just go online and buy a policy before you leave. Print out proof of your insurance and be on your way, its really as simple as that! Mexican insurance; theres no way around it!

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