Mexican Auto Insurance Law vs. Auto Insurance Law in Canada

Busy border crossing at US/Canada Border, Peace Arch, Washington state, USA

When planning a vacation to Mexico, most Canadians dont give a lot of thought to the manner in which crimes are handled south of the border. After all, most people head down to Mexico with fun and adventure on their minds, not crime and shady activities. Just because you fully intend to stay on the straight and narrow in Mexico though doesnt mean that you shouldnt be concerned about how legal issues are handled south of the border. Unlike Canada and the United States, Mexican law is based on Napoleonic Code; under such a system, a person is guilty until proven innocent, instead of the opposite. The ramifications of this can be considerable, especially if you drive around without the proper car insurance.

Use Mexican Liability Insurance for Canadians to Stay Out of Trouble

An accident in Mexico is handled a lot differently than in the U.S. or Canada. If you dont have Mexican auto insurance for Canadians from Mexican Insurance, you could be detained. The authorities need to sort out how damages will be paid, so they will keep you behind bars if you dont have Mexican insurance policy for Canadians or the means to immediately pay damages out of your own pocket. Its illegal to drive around without taking financial responsibility and the best way is by buying quality Mexican car insurance for Canadians. Why risk ending up in heaps of trouble, when quality Mexican car insurance for Canadians is so easy to buy?

Dont Sideline Your Whole Vacation

Its amazing how quickly things can change during a vacation. One minute, youre having a blast, the next, youve been in a fender bender and are forced to deal with it. As long as youre properly insured, the accident should be a blip on your radar; if you dont have ample coverage though, your entire trip could very well be ruined. It’s true that mishaps only occur once in a blue moon; how are you supposed to know whether youll encounter one or not, though? Its one gamble you certainly dont want to take.

Return to Canada with Fond Memories

Down the line, wouldnt you like to look back on your Mexican vacation with fondness and happiness? You can dramatically increase the odds of that by investing in first rate insurance for driving in Mexico. Without proper coverage, you could end up in very hot legal water. In that case, youll always look back on your trip with a sense of regret. You can buy a policy online and have it all lined up before you get anywhere near the Mexican border, why not do it? Its one of the best ways to ensure a fun, trouble free trip. Mexican auto insurance law in Mexico vs. auto insurance law in Canada.

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