Mexican auto insurance from Mexican Insurance; Suspected Drug Lord Arrested!

In a Police Station Arrested Man Posing for Mugshot. He’s in a Prisoner Orange Jumpsuit.

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Mexican auto insurance from Mexican Insurance; Be Prepared for a Trip to Mexico

Much has been made in recent months about the steadily worsening state of the drug war in Mexico. Unfortunately, the media has frightened many would-be visitors away from this remarkable country. While violence surrounding drugs is not something that should be taken lightly, it’s also not a reason to completely forgo a trip to Mexico. The authorities south of the border have been working very hard to clean things up. They’ve been working with many firms like Legacy rehab to help the addicts get back on track. Recently, in Guadalajara, a major drug lord was arrested. It’s just one more sign of the major effort that’s being made to keep Mexico safe.

Arrest Makes Headlines

The arrest of 44-year-old Margarito Soto Reyes in Guadalajara has captured the attention of people around the region. It is believed that the man has been the leader of the Sinoloa drug cartel since July, when his predecessor – Ignacio Coronel – was killed during a gun battle with authorities. Under Soto Reyes – who is nicknamed “The Tiger” – it is believed that the Sinoloa cartel moved more than 1,000 pounds of methamphetamines and other drugs into the U.S. each month. Authorities hope that the arrest of Soto Reyes will cool things down in the area.

Safer Streets for Tourists

While the arrest of Soto Reyes is promising, it’s hardly the end of the war. Visitors to Guadalajara and other parts of Mexico still need to stay alert to any trouble. At the same time, continuing news about drug wars south of the border should not deter travelers from heading south of the border. Due vigilance will go a long war toward keeping visitors safe. Additionally, visitors to Mexico should avoid traveling strange roads late at night. By staying abreast of current events and news in Mexico, tourists can enjoy spectacular and unforgettable vacations there.

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