Mexican auto Insurance for Canadians to Drive in Mexico?

If you have plans for a long or short-term trip to Mexico, one of the first details to take care of is your Mexican auto insurance for Canadians. You may not realize that your automobile policy at home isn’t valid in Mexico. Although some policies provide limited coverage for your vehicle within the border zone, your home policy won’t take care of liability needs in Mexico. Mexican insurance for Canadians does address your liability requirements. Full-coverage is important, however, if you want your Mexican car insurance for Canadians to address your own potential losses in an accident.

When Do I Need Mexican auto Insurance for Canadians?

Foreigners are expected to have coverage at all times that they operate a vehicle in Mexico. Baja Norte government mandates coverage for all motorists, citizens and foreigners. If you have an accident during your travels in the country, your Mexican insurance for Canadians demonstrates that you have complied with the law and that you are able to pay if you are determined to be responsible. Lacking Mexican car insurance for Canadians can result in your vehicle being impounded and in your being detained until restitution can be made. Liability limits in the event of a death can be very high based on the state in which you drive. It’s essential that you take time to research the policies and limits before you buy your Mexican auto insurance for Canadians.

Does Each Driver Need a Policy?

Your Mexican insurance for Canadians covers your vehicle. Multiple drivers can operate the vehicle, but each driver must be licensed and must be at least 21 years of age. You cannot use your Mexican car insurance for Canadians for different vehicles. If you have a long-term policy for a single vehicle, you cannot use that policy to drive a different vehicle in Mexico.

What if My Mexican Auto Insurance for Canadians Expires While I Am in Mexico?

Your Mexican insurance for Canadians can be renewed online. Wireless access to the Internet is available in many areas of Mexico, making it easy to use your own computer to purchase an update to your existing coverage. You can also handle the details from your mobile phone. Just make sure that you print a copy of your documents at your earliest opportunity. You’ll also find many Internet shops with computer and printer services for completing your policy renewal.

Mexican auto Insurance for Canadians by Mexican Insurance provides FREE Roadside Assistance

Mexican auto Insurance for Canadians

Canadian Expats in Mexico

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