Mexican auto Insurance for Canadians and Relaxing Baja Travel

Mexican auto Insurance for Canadians and Relaxing Baja Travel

Trying to find a relaxed site for your winter travels in Baja? You may want to explore some of the communities south of Ensenada. You can obtain your Mexican auto insurance for Canadians ahead of time so that you don’t have to stop in San Ysidro to buy your coverage. Online options in Mexican car insurance for Canadians allow you to research extensively without feeling rushed. You can evaluate features and add-ons in your prospective Mexican insurance for Canadians long before you need to leave on your trip. Remember effective 10-1-13, all drivers on Mexico Federal Highways must have a Mexican auto insurance for Canadians policy.

San Vicente

If you like the idea of being really close to a bigger city, then San Vicente is an outstanding choice. You can enjoy the rural culture, small town restaurant and tienda options, and close access to the ocean. At the same time, it’s only an hour’s drive to the urban area of Ensenada. You can take advantage of chain grocery stores like Smart and Final, Calimax, and Costco. You can also find fancy restaurants, beautiful parks and relaxing scenic areas. San Vicente is about two hours away from the U.S. border, allowing you a quick return to the U.S. if any issues arise.

Your Mexican insurance for Canadians is especially important because of the driving conditions in the area. While the roads are usually well-traveled and well-maintained, you’ll find that the drive can be lonely at times. Roadside assistance included in your Mexican auto insurance for Canadians allows you to get help in an emergency. The hilly drive from Ensenada to San Vicente culminates in some winding areas and a narrow bridge with a deep ravine below. A breakdown in the remote areas can be challenging, but you can get assistance through your Mexican car insurance for Canadians if you have an issue.

El Rosario

If you don’t mind a five to six hour drive from the border, El Rosario provides beautiful scenic areas and unique seaside activities. You can enjoy charter fishing or simple camping. You won’t want to miss the Lobera, a fantastic sinkhole that serves as a private beach and sunbathing spot for a community of sea lions. You may want to take your RV and camp during your stay. If you plan to tow an auxiliary car for getting around, you must add that car to your Mexican auto insurance for Canadians. Additionally, be sure to buy Mexican insurance for Canadians for the operation of the car.

Mexican auto Insurance for Canadians comes with FREE Roadside Assistance

Mexican auto Insurance for Canadians

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