Mexican auto insurance at & Rocky Point

If you are planning your first trip to Rocky Point, you need to figure out where you’re staying. It’s also important to plan well in advance, especially if your travel will be during tourist sesaon. Fortunately, buying Mexican auto insurance at isn’t such a big deal. Heavy tourist activity in the area makes it easy for hotels, rental properties and campgrounds to fill up. You can buy a Mexican insurance policy from just before you head out for your trip. However, it may be worthwhile to research a bit so that you can be sure that your Mexican auto insurance at covers the important basics.

Resorts and hotels

The easiest option in accommodations for the first-time visitor is to reserve a spot at a Rocky Point hotel or resort. There are lots of great choices, but remember that your reservations should be made far in advance. With a reservation, your know when you are arriving and departing, so you can plan your stay. You can still buy a Mexican insurance policy from if you decide at the last minute to extend your stay.

Mexican auto insurance at is required across the border!

Make sure your Mexican insurance policy from doesn’t expire before you leave as this could put you at risk in an unexpected accident. Mexican auto insurance at is your proof of responsibility and ability to pay for damages, and letting your policy lapse means that you will be solely responsible for damages. If you find that your coverage will lapse before you leave, you can access your Mexican insurance policy from from a wireless connection or computer business to supplement your existing policy.

Campgrounds and RV Parks

The close location of Rocky Point to the U.S. border makes it a popular destination for RV travel. Campgrounds and RV parks are abundant in the area, but they can fill up just as quickly as hotels during heavy travel seasons. It’s important to research the options ahead of time and to make reservations. If you are planning on towing a car, be sure that it is included on your Mexican auto insurance at Additionally, you need to recognize that you will also need a separate Mexican insurance policy from to cover operation of that extra car.

Mexican auto insurance at can be purchased on your computer, labtop, tablet or smartphone!

Mexican auto insurance at

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  • Delmer Surratt
    February 25, 2014 9:56 pm

    Besides make early bookings for your accommodation, purchasing quality Mexican car insurance is the other thing you should be concerned about when planning your trip to Rocky Point especially if you expect to freely drive around.

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