Mexican auto insurance at & road hazards

Do you have the impression that Mexican auto insurance at isn’t necessary? While you may be a safe driver, the reality is that an accident can happen for any number of reasons, for example, another driver’s unsafe behavior. Additionally, unplanned conditions on the road can affect your ability to control your own vehicle. Consider some important possibilities that could require your use of insurance for Mexico from

Road hazards you may not expect

If you are used to well-maintained roads, then poor maintenance might not enter your mind. Road features can also be surprising if you aren’t accustomed to them. Additionally, cultural driving behaviors may surprise you. Consider some of the following as you think about what kind of Mexican auto insurance at you should purchase.

  • Speed bumps, or topes – you may expect these in parking lots, but in Mexico, they can be placed on busy streets to control traffic. Signs may indicate their presence, noting that topes are near, but without an awareness of the Spanish term, you might be surprised to reach such a feature. If you don’t have time to slow down or don’t see the bump, you could end up with some serious damage. In busy traffic, this could lead to other motorists rear-ending your vehicle, another important reason to buy car insurance for Mexico from
  • Weather damage – as storms move through areas, poor road maintenance could leave areas damaged and unrepairable. The weather incident could happen months before your visit, especially in rural areas. Without full coverage Mexican auto insurance at, your losses will be 100% your responsibility.
  • Stray desert animals – much of Mexico is desert, and driving in rural areas could pose the risk of encounters with hares, coyotes or stray dogs. Full coverage car insurance for Mexico from MexicanInsuranceStore.comensures that your personal damages in such an incident can be handled.

    Mexican auto insurance at is required!

  • Driver behavior – One custom that can easily get you confused is the use of the left turn signal on a stretch of open highway. This means that it is safe to pass. Misusing or misinterpreting this signal could place you in an unexpected situation. Any accident resulting from your misunderstanding of a commonly accepted Mexican signal could be deemed to be your fault, so make sure you buy car insurance for Mexico from before you leave!

Mexican auto insurance at will protect you in the wake of an accident!

Mexican auto insurance at

Watch out for topes!





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  • Stacee Ashe
    June 10, 2014 5:31 pm

    It is essential to know a little bit of Spanish while planning for Mexico as it will help you read important signs along the way, likewise buy Mexican insurance for quotes to improve yourself communicating with the locals.

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