Mexican auto insurance from and Tourist Visas

Mexican auto insurance from and Tourist Visas

Señor Mex says: It’s always important to take a foreign country’s travel rules and regulations seriously. Although many travelers to Mexico ignore the need for tourist visas, it’s always possible that you might be questioned about the document during a routine checkpoint stop.

Another consideration that you don’t want to ignore is your Mexican auto insurance from Although you may not ever have to prove that you are insured, your proof of Mexican auto insurance from in the event of an accident is an important step in cutting through red tape and harsh treatment. Your Mexican auto insurance from coverage documents serve as your proof of ability to pay for damages attributed to your actions, and lack of coverage could leave you in jail with significant legal and financial problems.

This article discusses the issue as it relates to boaters and fishermen in the country. As the article indicates, an FMT is available at a fee of approximately $23 U.S. It is generally required for visitors who leave the border area to head further inland, but many visitors are unaware of the requirement due to lack of research. Still others figure that there will be leniency. As the boaters are experiencing, there seems to be a bit more attention to the issue at present.

Mexican auto insurance from comes with FREE Roadside Assistance

Mexican auto insurance from

Mexico Tourist Visa

U-T San Diego article:

Mexico’s confusing maritime regulations regarding visas for all who navigate into its waters within 12 miles of shore appear to be on again, this time for good.

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  • To be safer, it is always prudent to have a tourist visa and Mexico insurance while in Mexico.

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