Mexican Auto Insurance and Oaxaca Beaches!

Oaxaca is a place in Mexico where you will find everything that can make your stay the best vacation of your life. One of the best attractions in the region is exotic beaches. If you are fond of aquatic adventure and want to enjoy beach life, you get ample of options while holidaying in Oaxaca. Safe and hassle free stay is very much essential, if you don’t want to add any bad experiences to your excursion.

To keep your vacation away from legal issues while driving your vehicle through the streets of Oaxaca, you must have quality Mexican auto insurance. There are several advantages of buying Mexican car insurance on the internet. The biggest advantage of obtaining Mexican insurance at online Mexican Insurance Store is that you dont need to wait to reach the border to get the document. Also, you can browse variety of Mexican auto insurance policies and get the best coverage at the lowest price. You can print Mexican insurance immediately.

The following are some of the best beaches in Oaxaca: Bahia de Santa Cruz Huatulco is one of the major tourist attractions in Oaxaca and Bahia de Santa Cruz is the main bay of the Huatulco. There are several boats and ships that you can rent and cruise through the bay and enjoy the fascinating views of the region. Famous beaches located along the bay are Entrega, Punta Santa Cruz and Hierbabuena.

This is not the only Bay in Huatulco. There are eight other bays in the region namely Bahia de Chahue, Bahia de Tangolunda, Bahia de Conejos, Bahia de Cacaluta, Bahia de Chachacual, Bahia de San Agustin, Bahia Maguey and Bahia del Organo. Zicatela If you are a surfing lover, Zicatela need to be there on your list while you are visiting Oaxaca. Zicatela is nahuatl word which literally means place of large thorns.

The beach hosts surfing tournaments very year and draws large number of surfers to the city. If you are visiting Zicatela in February, you can be part of famous Mexpipe Challenge Surf Carnival. Puerto Angel It is a small fishing port which is located between Bays of Huatulco and Puerto Escondido. The surroundings of Puerto Angel include captivating area of La Laguna de Ventanilla.

You can be a part of the tour to the lagoon and take a closer look of crocodiles and wide variety of birds.

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  • Guillermo Mantyla
    August 11, 2021 6:12 pm

    Fireworks and more fireworks! The most fun-filled new year’s eve is here in Mexico. So enjoy the fun!

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