Mexican Air Travel – How To Fly Mexico!

Quite possibly the most popular method of arriving to and leaving from Mexico, air travel is one of the fastest methods of vacation travel. An expansive country, Mexico has more than 35 main airports which are located across the country.

Accommodating a variety of different aircraft, Mexico has two major airlines that serve all of its main airports and fly to international locations: Aero Mexico and Mexicana airlines.

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The Mexico City International Airport is not only the largest airport in Mexico, but is also the largest in Latin America. Annually, over 20 million passengers travel in and out of Mexico Citys airport. On a daily basis, that breaks down to almost fifty-five thousand people. This also enables the Mexico City International Airport to be included as one of the Top 50 Largest Airports in the World. Once at the Mexico City airport, domestic flights transport passengers to more popular airports as well as some smaller ones. Mexico has approximately 200 smaller airports that can accommodate small crafts and chartered planes. Depending on the airport’s location many smaller and chartered airplanes also shuttle passengers to the Caribbean, Belize and Guatemala.

Prices for renting a chartered plane will vary based on location desired, length of flight and plane type. Travelers interested in chartering a flight should not only be concerned with the price but also the craft’s maintenance records, pilot’s experience and recommendation from trusted sources. If at any time a larger aircraft is preferred or if desiring to take a commercial flight, a quick bus ride or rental vehicle drive can shuttle guests to one of Mexico’s 35 larger airports. Once inside, expect screenings, customs’ inspections and other safety checks. Due to changing regulations, guests may notice airlines adjust rules on a frequent basis. While these can be confusing and at times frustrating, they are for the safety of all passengers and crew. Mexican Air Travel – How To Fly Mexico!

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