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Manufacturer Parts and Repairs in Mexico – Mexico auto insurance from Mexican Insurance Store

You might wonder what you would do if your vehicle would break down while you were traveling in Mexico. You may appreciate the fact that mechanics, mecánicos, are easily found in most communities. You may not realize that your Mexican car insurance from Click Here can help in several ways in such situations. Being aware of the details related to your Mexico insurance may help you to prepare for the unexpected case of needed repair work during your trip.

Emergencies on the Road

One way in which your Mexico car insurance from Mexican Insurance can be helpful is by provision of roadside help in case of a vehicle malfunction. You will have an ID card with needed contact information so that you can call for help. Assistance will be sent based on your needs, and if your vehicle cannot be driven, you can get towing support to the nearest repair facility. Even if your vehicle can be driven, you can get information about locations of appropriate repair facilities. If you are not far from the border, your towing could even provide enough of a benefit to get you back to the United States if you prefer to have your car fixed on the other side of the border.


Similar assistance is available if your vehicle is damaged in an accident. You can use the towing benefit to reach the U.S. or the nearest repair facility, but it is important to note that your choice of Mexico insurance from Mexican Insurance will determine the amount of that benefit. Some policies offer up to $1,000 in towing while others have more limited coverage depending on whether the need is based on an accident or on a breakdown. If you are in an accident and covered by full-coverage Mexico insurance, your covered repairs may be handled in Mexico, the U.S., or Canada based on your preferences.

With companies such as Ford having dealerships and manufacturing plants in Mexico, you may be able to easily have your vehicle repaired to your standards so that you can continue your trip. You can also take advantage of trip continuation benefits if your repairs will be lengthy. When in doubt, consider calling the travel assistance hotline for your Mexican auto insurance to get some input about the best repair sites in your area.

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  • I’m planning to drive from US to Mexico, so I got my insurance from Mexican insurance store. I don’t want to be left behind without coverage that will fix my car. I don’t want my car to be detained if ever accident happens to me.

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