Make Like the Locals at Tecolutla, Mexico!

Mexican flag and a group of travel luggage items packed for a relaxing vacation.

Many major inland cities have nearby coastal resort towns that are popular with the locals. In the U.S., for instance, many people from New York City flood the beaches of Connecticut during the hot summer months. For the residents of Mexico City, the tiny seaside town of Tecolutla fills the same purpose. As its only about a four or five hour drive from Mexico City, Tecolutla is a reasonable place to include during a visit. Just make sure to review and bring proof of Mexico car insurance with you at all times, especially when driving between Mexico City and Tecolutla.

Getting to Tecolutla

If youre already visiting Mexico City, a side trip to Tecolutla is easy enough to do. Assuming that you have decent Mexican car insurance by Mexican Insurance Store, you can jump in the car and head east whenever youd like. If you’re coming from the state capital, Veracruz, you will need to drive about 120 miles north. Again, you will have to have quality Car Insurance for Mexico to make the trip safely. Dont wait until youre at the border to buy Mexican car insurance, either – order your Mexico car insurance online for best results.

Things to Do in Tecolutla

Tecolutla has a surprisingly large array of things to do. Its quaint town square is a lovely place to spend a few tranquil hours; if you have kids, there’s a small park there that they should enjoy. You can while away your time in Tecolutla on one of its many pristine beaches; if you’re feeling more adventurous, you could hire a local to take you on a boat tour of the lush mangroves that dot the coast. Keep in mind that very few people speak English in this town; bring along a decent dictionary if you want to communicate effectively.

Tecolutla: A Unique Place

There are a few unique surprises to be found in the town of Tecolutla. For one thing, its cuisine is divine. It revolves around fresh seafood; tasty sauces like the garlic-infused mojo de ajo and the tomato-based Veracruzana add sizzle to any meal. Make a point of stopping into the Marine Museum while you’re in town, too. There, you will find the remains of the so-called Tecolutla Monster, which washed ashore in 1969. It is clearly just a whale, but a lot of local legends revolve around its dramatic appearance.

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