You have enjoyed your stay in Mexico and don’t want the vacation to end. For travelers with a clear calendar and extra money to spend, extending a Mexican vacation is possible but can be a costly expense. However, there are ways to ensure the rest of your vacation is a pleasant experience without breaking the bank.

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Depending on your original discounted nightly rate and your expected departure date, trying to extend a hotel visit at your original hotel may end up costing more per night than previously paid; especially if you received a pre-payment discount or were staying on a Sunday through Thursday night. Additionally, your current room may not be available, as room assignments are generally made a day or two before guests arrive. Therefore, you may have to settle for a new room configuration (going from 2 queens to a king or vice-versa), pay more (going from a standard room to a suite) or have a different priced-view (forfeiting an ocean view room for a standard view room).

If the hotel is sold out or the offered suite is too expensive, travelers can either find another local hotel or stay at a hacienda. These family-run operations always have willing proprietors waiting to whisk guests off to their homes. Hacienda operators are usually found near visitor information centers or the center’s employees there can telephone one and book reservations while you wait.

Government-operated tourist “hotels” provide basic protection from the elements and restroom facilities with no fancy extras like air conditioning, television or meal service. On the plus side, these lodgings are very affordable and since they are operated by the government, prices are steady and reasonable. To locate one, visit any government-sponsored tourist information center.

Last but not least, there is always the option of free camping. Perfect for those looking for one night extra, camping under the stars beachside will make for an evening of cool breezes, sky watching and gentle wave sounds. Look for an area with tents, as camping on the beach is permitted in these areas. Most people already camping are travelers from the U.S. and Mexico. Conversation will be good, and since people camp in front of restaurants, the food may be better. Camping is not for everyone but it is the least expensive way to enjoy more Mexican vacation time. Looking to Extend Your Mexican Vacation? Last-Minute Lodging!

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