Long Weekends in Baja During November Holidays

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Staying At The Newly-Built Encuentro Guadalupe.

A long holiday weekend in Baja offers the opportunity to explore Baja Norte at length. You may want to hole up in a beach resort and enjoy beautiful sunsets and great food for a few days. Or you might want to see a variety of areas such as the wine country, mountains, and beaches. In either case, Mexico insurance for cars from Mexican Insurance Store.com provides you with more than just vehicle coverage for accidents. Be sure that your Mexican auto insurance policy limit meets the recommended minimum for Baja Norte. You do this so that you don’t experience unexpected complications in case of an accident. Mexico insurance for cars is now required in order to drive legally on all highways in Mexico.

Veteran’s Day and Weekend in Baja

Because Veteran’s Day falls on a Thursday in 2021, the Friday after is a great day to take off from work or school. This isn’t a significant travel time in Mexico, so you may benefit from off-season pricing and activity levels. You can check for fishing charters in Ensenada or San Quintín during this time. You can simply plan for a relaxing time of exploration. The beach is one of the biggest attractions in Baja. And there are many miles of gorgeous beaches throughout the northern part of the peninsula. You’ll find that the farther south you go, the more isolated and private your adventure may be.

Temperatures in the area may be cooler at this point in the year, so you will want to be prepared with outerwear that will protect against chilly ocean breezes. At the same time, days can be quite beautiful. Mountain air will be cooler as well, and you will want to bring sunscreen for a trek up to San Pedro de Martír. Pack a picnic lunch for either mountain or beach activity, and relax as you listen to nature’s own playlist.

Activity at the Border on Your Way to a Weekend in Baja

Whether you are concerned about the traffic on your way home or whether you want to spend some of your time shopping in the border zone of Tijuana, you will want to be sure that you keep your Mexico insurance for cars from Mexican Insurance Store.com active through your full time in the country. A Mexican auto insurance policy can be helpful if you lock yourself out while you explore markets and shops on foot. You can also get towing assistance through your Mexico insurance for cars from Mexican Insurance Store.com if your vehicle breaks down and can’t be driven home.

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  • Daniela Mcfaul
    February 12, 2015 4:36 pm

    Ensenada is a great place to be during long holidays. I have been there 3x and I plan to be there again before the end of this year. Thanks to online Mexican auto insurance, my insurance needs were well covered in advance.

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