Long Term Travel to Mexico and Mexico Insurance from Mexican Insurance Store

Mexico Insurance from Mexican Insurance Store

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Mexico Insurance from Mexican Insurance Store and Long Term Travel to Mexico

Just remember as you plan a long-term trip to Mexico, if you are driving in Mexico, you will purchase legal, comprehensive Mexico insurance from Mexican Insurance Store, as US and Canadian policies are void in Mexico. For more information and comparisons, visit Mexican insurance for Canadians.

You’ve cleared your calendar, planned your route, and created a travel budget but are you really ready to embark on a long-term, Mexican vacation? Even with advanced planning, the most seasoned travelers often overlook basic vacation dilemmas; from eating and dining issues to those pertaining to clothing. Before heading out on your next extended vacation, consider these important points:

Where to Stay?

Hotel rooms are convenient but for long-term travelers may heavily impact their budget’s bottom line. Additionally, if a room does not have a kitchenette or even a refrigerator, this means all meals have to be purchased elsewhere; which can create even more budget woes. To save on both of these expenses, Mexican travelers seeking extended vacations should consider renting an apartment, condo, or house or check VBRO or FlipKey. Rates will be lower and you can be reassured adequate kitchen facilities are located in-room.


Most importantly, long-term visitors always need to ensure their medication and treatment routines are kept. Before departing, have an adequate supply of prescription medication filled and make a copy of your prescriptions. Be sure your doctor or pharmacist writes the generic equivalent of the medication on the prescription (if available); so it will be easily identifiable. Should your medication become lost or damaged, the prescription can easily be filled. When packing for an extended vacation, don’t forget about less-frequently used medications such as once-a-month medications and as-needed inhalers.


In large Mexican cities, there are plenty of laundromats available. These are either self-service or there are laundry attendants available to wash, dry, and fold laundry while you wait. To keep visitors entertained, large laundromats provide Internet access. Prices at Mexican laundry facilities are just slightly lower than they are in the U.S. and businesses generally operate on the same schedule as laundromats in the States.

Mexico Insurance from Mexican Insurance Store and Mexican insurance for Canadians

Mexico travel experts strongly suggest you buy Mexico insurance from Mexican Insurance Store coverage online before your travel begins. Buying Mexico insurance from Mexican Insurance Store coverage allows you to make sure you get the policy you need at the best possible price. In addition, you can print your Mexico insurance from Mexican Insurance Store certificate immediately, so there is no question as to whether or not you are covered. Review and compare Mexican insurance for Canadians for a comprehensive and reliable policy. coverage is now required in order to protect your personal freedom and your financial security.

Compare Mexico insurance from Mexican Insurance Store

Essential Things to Bring to Mexico Including Mexican Car Insurance

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  • Sharmaine Goens
    June 6, 2013 6:58 pm

    I think you have failed to mention about learning the language of the country. This is very important to further enjoy your stay in Mexico. It allows you to communicate with the locals properly.

  • Getting clothes to dry during the cold season is hard especially with the overcast weather. Figuring out a Laundromat during the stay makes sure your clothes are always dried quickly.

  • Maynard Duff
    March 25, 2018 5:51 pm

    You can take with you a road map or even the GPS device. Knowing your route beforehand will slow down likely delays while driving.

  • Traveling with a communication device and being able to call anyone is really beneficial. Contact your phone service provider beforehand and add Mexico in your option of calling plan.

  • Next time we visit Mexico, we will explore the country and see many other things they offer to travelers. If you drive you need Mexican car insurance.

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