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Mexican Insurance and Lodging in Mexico Planning Information

Many travelers are used to the certain amenities and payment conveniences afforded to them when traveling throughout the U.S. or other developed nations. While Mexico is a highly sought after tourist destination, for Americans and especially Canadians, not all Mexican hotels are the same.

Remember if you are driving to Mexico, pack a Mexican Insurance Store Mexican insurance policy which you can purchase online before you leave on your trip. Quality Mexico insurance policies purchased online include medical payments, roadside assistance, and car rental coverage. With Mexican Insurance Store Mexico Insurance coverage you may you to repair your vehicle in the US, Canada or in Mexico if necessary. Your choice. When booking a hotel, in addition to checking the hotel’s star rating and reading other travelers’ reviews, such as on TripAdvisor.com be sure to go online and research the hotel yourself. TripAdvisor.com provides many reviews and travel tips for finding the best hotels in Mexico.

If no hotel website is available, call and find out the answers to these important questions.

#1 – Does the hotel have air conditioning? Sometimes, people take for granted the fact that air conditioning is a
standard amenity. It is important to find out your prospective hotel’s coolness; or lack thereof. This is important to travelers looking to stay comfortable, as well as those who are asthmatics or have breathing difficulties. A good rule of thumb is many popular chain hotels will have air, while smaller, independent ones and haciendas will not.

#2 – Does your hotel accept credit cards? This may seem like a silly question in 2016, but it is a valid one. Large, chain hotels and motels accept credit cards but smaller ones usually will not. This means you will have to carry exchanged cash or visit the ATM. If wandering around Mexico with large amounts or cash does not appeal to you, or if you prefer to make a few monthly credit card payments on your vacation; stay at a hotel that accepts your type of credit card. Some credit cards have foreign transaction fees, but be doubly sure to call your bank before you leave and let them know you will be traveling and where you will be traveling or they could easily block your credit card or ATM. Also most will take Visa or Mastercard, but not all hotels take American Express.

#3 – What type of amenities does your hotel offer? All hotels in Mexico offer varying amenities. Some provide nothing, while others offer deluxe recreation choices including: fitness centers, swimming pools, tennis courts and spas. If amenities are important to you, be sure to inquire regarding their availability and how long they are open before booking your stay. If you wish to have privacy and peace and quiet, try to stay away from the pool or elevators.

Remember to check Mexican insurance quote comparisons because Mexican Insurance Store Mexico insurance policies provide roadside assistance throughout Mexico at no additional cost to you

Mexican Insurance Comparisons and Lodging in Mexico Planning Information

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