Live in Texas? Make Regular Trips to Mexico!

Brownsville, Texas, USA – February 24, 2018, Grand International Parade is part of the Charro Days Fiesta – Fiestas Mexicanas, A bi-national festival between USA and Mexico.

The Lone Star State is enormous. If you live in the northern part of Texas, a trip to the U.S.-Mexico border can seem prohibitively long. If you live in central and southern parts of the state however, trips down to Mexico dont involve a whole lot of extra driving. When you think about it, Mexico is the most logical destination for Texas residents whod like to enjoy some fun in the sun or indulge in authentic Mexican cuisine. You can reduce your travel budget by a considerable amount by driving your own car into Mexico and taking advantage of the incredible deals down there. Theres only one thing that needs to be taken care of first: buying the right car insurance.

The Benefits of Mexican Auto Insurance for Texas Residents

Like most people, you probably already maintain a regular car insurance policy. Its worth it to keep a Mexican auto insurance for Texas residents policy, too. Yearly Mexican insurance for Texas residents is a drop in the bucket. For a very affordable price you can buy Mexican car insurance at MexicanInsuranceStore for Texas residents and come and go as you please. Mexican auto insurance for Texans allows you to travel around south of the border without fear of serious legal trouble. Once youve gotten your purchase of Mexican car insurance for Texas residents out of the way, youll be able to make the most of living in Texas.

Why Do You Say Mexican Insurance Store’s Mexican auto insurance Works Well For Texans?

1. We only provide “A+” Rated Insurance. Many border policies are unrated.

2. You have the option of repairing in 3 countries (Approximately 70% of the marketplace allows repair in Mexico only)

3. We provide the ONLY Roadside and Claims Assistance Guarantee in the industry which is 30 Minutes on any highway in Mexico!

4. You save frustration, time and money with us, because a Mexico insurance claim can be brought back to finalize within the US. Its handled just like a U.S. claim. No notorize this and notorize that and then possibly be required to go to the consulate and then Fed Ex back and forth Mexico.

5. We provide car rental with every policy.

Broaden Your Traveling Horizons

The state of Texas shares around 2,000 miles of border with the country of Mexico. That alone is ample proof of the many travel possibilities that exist between the two locations. From Juarez/El Paso in the far west to Matamoros/Brownsville in the far east, there are many options when it comes to visiting Mexico from Texas. A quick trip over the border opens up a whole new country to you – many people in the United States simply dont have that convenient of an option for international travel.

Get Off the Beaten Path

There are many well-known towns and cities along the Texas-Mexico border. Getting over to places like Monterrey, Tampico and Chihuahua is a snap. There are many great, lesser-known locations within striking distance of the border, too. Once youve had your fill of the more touristy places, why not cast a wider net by checking out a few smaller vacation spots? Better still, try getting to know a few places that arent geared towards visitors at all. That way, youll be able to see a whole new side of the country of Mexico – and you might even discover a hidden gem, too! Live in Texas? Make regular trips to Mexico!

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