Know What You Can Bring Back With You From Mexico!

Puerto Penasco, Mexico – November 25, 2011: Tourists browsing and shopping in the local shops in downtown Puerto Penasco, also known as Rocky Point, Mexico. The locals have many items for sale and the tourism in this area is seeing an increase.

Nothing is more disappointing than returning from Mexico and waiting to cross the border, only to discover that youre bringing way too many items back to the U.S. If you exceed the limits for any particular type of purchase, you will not be allowed to bring those purchases with you into the United States. Before spending a small fortune on inexpensive Mexican goods like wine, tobacco and other items, make sure youre aware of the limits that may be in effect so you can avoid the aggravation of being told “no” at the border.

Quality Mexican Insurance isnt a Cure All

Theres no question that you need to buy first rate Mexican car insurance at Mexican Insurance Store prior to crossing the border. However, Mexican car insurance online does not eliminate the limits that are imposed on many Mexican purchases. Make sure to buy Mexican auto insurance, but dont expect it to somehow give you permission to bring whatever you want back over the border. Mexican insurance is designed to protect you in the event of an accident, or the theft of your vehicle. Without Mexican auto insurance, you expose yourself to the possibility of being put in jail, and that is sure to bring your trip to a screeching halt.

Know the Limits for Liquor, Wine and Tobacco

Mexican wine is superb, and liquor is cheap south of the border. Dont bother bringing more than 3 liters of wine and 3 liters of liquor back with you though, those limits are set in stone. If you like cigars, dont attempt to bring genuine Cuban cigars into the U.S. since they are not permitted. Youre allowed to bring up to 50 cigars back over with you, and up to 200 cigarettes. Keep these limits in the back of your head, because the border authorities will not make any exceptions.

Understanding Duty Free Limits

For other purchases, you can enjoy duty free perks on up to $300 to $500 of them, though the number depends on which country you are returning to. Any amount over and beyond those limits will be taxed, so be prepared for that. You dont want to end up paying through the nose just to get your Mexican souvenirs back home. Excessive taxes can totally negate the great deals that you got, too. Plan ahead so that you get the most bang for your buck while south of the border. For most people, the limits are high enough to allow them to bring back everything they could possibly want.

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