Know The Basics of Mexican Insurance for Canadians

Many people spend extended time in Mexico to determine whether they like the lifestyle and area prior to settling for retirement or for long-term interests. While border communities may allow you to move back and forth across the border for travel needs, settling farther beyond the border requires a stronger sense of commitment to your choice. If you are planning an initial long-term stay to make such decisions, be sure that you have reliable Mexican insurance for Canadians as you prepare to go. You will want to include trailers or other towed items on your Mexican auto insurance for Canadians as well. Take time to research car insurance online so that you cover all important aspects of your driving in Mexico.

Mexican insurance for Canadians

Mexican Insurance for Canadians Liability Limits

Staying close to the border makes it much simpler to choose your liability amounts when you buy Mexican insurance for Canadians. Each state’s death benefits can vary based on average wages in the area. And this will affect the amount of coverage needed on your Mexican auto insurance for Canadians. In Baja Norte, for example, you will need to select rather high liability limits. In Sonora, your limits might be quite low due to a low death benefit. When in doubt, it is wise to opt for a higher limit. This is especially true if you might travel outside of the state in which you will live during your long-term stay.

Canadians Driving to Mexico

Vandalism and Theft

You may choose to reside in a small community or in a rural area where crime seems to be minimal. However, you could still be exposed to the possibility of vandalism or theft with your vehicle en route to your destination. The less familiar you are with the country, the more appropriate it is to consider expanded car insurance. A full-coverage auto insurance addresses total theft of your vehicle. However, an expanded policy allows for benefits to be provided in case of partial theft or vandalism.

Traveler Resources

Your car insurance provides access to bilingual information and service in case of a roadside emergency. It also includes legal help in case of an accident. Your coverage may help with medical evacuation and trip interruption as well. However, you will have to track down medical insurance options for Mexico independent of your car insurance.

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  • Unlike Americans, many Canadians visiting Mexico for the first time seem to get lost in terms of the Mexican way of doing things. But, the most important thing that you must learn in order to stay safe on Mexican roads is to have online Mexican auto insurance.

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