Keeping a Mexico Travel-Related Food Journal!

Many Mexican visitors choose to keep a travel journal detailing their vacation adventures. However, some may also be interested in starting a Mexican food journal. This is a bit of a misnomer because the name implies travelers would be listing Mexican foods they encounter. However, the journal is more than a book of Mexican foods. This Keeping a Travel-Related Food Journal post is brought to you by Mexican Insurance Store. They are the purveyors of the best quality Mexican auto insurance online at very reasonable rates! Remember, you need a Mexican car insurance policy in order to drive on highways in Mexico.

Mexican food mix

Weight loss program participants may not have easy access to a meal’s caloric and fat contents, but by documenting each meal and its included contents, travelers can keep track of food allowances and ensure they are receiving the proper servings of grains, fruits, vegetables, dairy products and proteins. For tourists on a weight loss programs, those who are on a special type of medically supervised diet, and for anyone with a food allergy, having a written record of every meal consumed can be priceless.

Write In Your Mexico-Travel Related Food Journal

Food journals also help travelers on a medically supervised diet. By writing each item down and its included contents, should an allergic reaction occur or a condition arise because of a food eaten, doctors will know what foods triggered the reaction. If you do have special dietary requirements, take advantage of resort restaurants as they are very familiar with special-needs diets. When out in town, open-air produce markets allow travelers to grab a quick piece of fruit or freshly-baked pastry; which may be acceptable to a traveler’s dietary requirements.

Hobbyists, interested in cooking, will want to keep a Mexico travel-related food journal to help replicate a tasty meal. Because a Mexican visit affords many opportunities to try new foods, travelers can write the name of their new food first. They can then list the dish’s basic ingredients and how to prepare the dish. Finally, they may then try to replicate the meal at home. Most servers will be happy to share how the dish is cooked and once home, cooking enthusiasts can choose to modify the recipes (used reduced calorie or fat-free products) to their liking.

Mexican Salsa

Even if its lunch or supper, no authentic table in Mexico is complete without a generous helping of salsa. It may be red or green, cooked or uncooked, mild-medium or hot. But they will serve the salsa with every Mexican meal. Normally, you can cook the Salsa Ranchera with tomatoes and then spice them with serrano-style chiles.

There are many ways methods for roasting chiles. You can broil or cook them over a fire, in the oven, or dry style cooked on top of the stove using a heavy pan lined with aluminum foil.

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