Is Your Car Ready for Mexico? Mexican car insurance from has you prepared

Mexican car insurance from

Cabo San Lucas and Todos Santos, Highway 1

Mexican car insurance from has you prepared – Is Your Car Ready for Mexico?

It’s easy to buy into horror stories about road conditions in another location, but you may be pleasantly surprised as you prepare for your driving vacation in Mexico. You absolutely don’t want to travel on any Mexican road, good or in need of repair, without reliable Mexican car insurance from  Although there are many dirt roads and potholes to consider, highways are navigable, enabling you to reach major destinations without serious issues in most cases. In addition to covering your obligations in case of an accident, your Mexican auto insurance policy at also offers roadside emergency assistance. Learn more about Mexican car insurance from and how it can help when driving below.

Road configuration and features

Your preparedness for road travel in Mexico should include an awareness of unusual road features that may take you by surprise. These include:

  • Topes: Speed bumps may be located in unexpected spots, including on busy streets. Watch for signs and be ready to slow down to avoid damage. Your Mexican auto insurance at may not cover the damages if you are reckless, so be careful
  • Roundabouts: Circular intersection navigation is hectic in some areas, especially when several lanes travel through these unique road elements.
  • Guard rails: You may find the quality less sturdy than those you are accustomed to at home. Additionally, you may notice that there are areas in which rails would be appropriate but are lacking. Exercise caution.

Keep in mind: Mexican car insurance from is required on toll roads.

Reliability of your vehicle

There are several points of inspection that you would make for any long-distance drive, and these should guide you as you prepare for Mexico. Pay particular attention to the following. A Mexican auto insurance policy at covers car damages, but not necessarily car repairs.

  • Tires: A blowout on a narrow highway may be serious. Inspect your tires, including your spare. You can get repairs at a llantera if you have a tire problem in Mexico.
  • Brakes: Some cities are rather flat, but if you will be in mountainous or hilly locations, you want to be sure that your brakes are ready.
  • Radiator: You really don’t want to break down on a deserted road, especially during summer travel. Make sure that you address any suspicious radiator issues before you leave.
  • Hoses: If you have any hoses that may be old and at risk of springing a leak while you are on the road, it may be wise to have them checked and changed.

A Mexican Car insurance from will protect you if you get into an accident!

Take time to review your Mexican auto insurance policy at so that you will be prepared if you have a roadside incident. Your Mexican car insurance from provides contact information for getting help. Be sure to carry a copy of your Mexican auto insurance policy at as you travel.

Each Mexican car insurance from comes with FREE Roadside Assistance throughout all of Mexico! 

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