Is Tulum still a must-visit Mexico spot?

Is Tulum still a must-visit Mexico spot?

The ruins. Mexico car insurance. The picture perfect beaches. Sipping on a cold beverage at a hot party. The enchanting destination of Tulum have become a popular spot for celebrities and influencers the past few years. As you might expect, the area has experienced rapid growth ever since. But has that growth turned a once remote getaway into a tourist trap? One thing is certain, before making the long drive across the border, remember to secure Mexico car insurance.

The Legend of the Old Tulum

Tulum has always been a stunning location. The ruins are worthy of the trip and surprisingly well-preserved. There’s a reason this is the most Instagrammed spot in all of Mexico. The bohemian decor at the beachside resorts is particularly beautiful. The nature part of this town inside the Quintana Roo state is still 100% worth visiting.

How bougie are you?

As it turns out, my own experiences checking out Tulum match what visitors have been complaining about on social media.

Tulum remains a visually stunning location, but at some point it’s become overrun by yoga retreats and annoying hipster types. Those familiar with Tulum know it isn’t where you go to experience the real Mexico. In fact, the actual town of Tulum isn’t much outside of the beach resorts.

Everywhere you look in Tulum, the Instagram wellness aesthetic is present as wealthy folks sip green juice. If you’re the type who likes documenting your trip on social media, you’ll have fun here.

Which isn’t to say Tulum isn’t fun

Tulum is an amazing place to relax, party, all of the above. You just have to manage your expectations ahead of time. Tulum isn’t authentic Mexico, but more of a retreat area for international tourists. As we all know, tourists always ruin the greatest vacation spots, so it’s to be expected.

That being said, the restaurants are some of the best in the country. Tulum’s Hotel Zone is where to go, with Hartwood and Arca the standouts. Arca is particular is a hypnotically romantic place for a date. If you want to go that extra mile, try snorkeling. The ruins are a must-visit.

You can live that bougie live and still have a legendary time in Tulum. If what you crave is the real Mexico, make Tulum one stop in a long road trip around this beautiful country. Don’t forget to buy Mexico car insurance before taking off! Gracias and drive safe!

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