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Baja California on the Mexican Pacific Coast Highway

Mexican insurance from – Is Baja Traffic Difficult to Deal With?

If you’ve been to Tijuana, you may realize that traffic can be heavy and unpredictable. There tends to be a sense of bravado, especially at roundabouts, the border, and four-way stops. A timid driver may be challenged in such zones, but fortunately, moving out of the main tourist and commerce areas will allow you to experience more calm in the traffic. You will need to be alert, especially at those four-way stops. You will also want to be sure that your Mexican insurance Click Here from is valid before you cross the border. Mexico driving insurance is helpful not only in accident scenarios but also in cases involving roadside emergencies.

Be Prepared for Intensive Driving Situations

Whether you will be staying in Tijuana or whether you will be heading further south, you will want to be alert as you navigate the border zone. If you are stressed by heavy traffic, you may want to plan your border crossing for less busy times. Entry into Mexico tends to be heavier in the late afternoons and evenings on weekdays. It also tends to be active on weekends. A border crossing on a weekday morning is ideal for enjoying lighter traffic, especially if you need to stop to pay for tourist visas.

Heading out of Tijuana and into Chula Vista can be intense on weekend afternoons and early evenings. There is also a significant amount of commuter traffic on weekday mornings. Mid-morning crossing times are less stressful during the weekdays, and late night crossings can be less stressful as well, especially on a Friday night.

Driving in Other Baja Settings

As you travel into Rosarito and further south, driving is much less stressful. You will want to be aware of topes, speed bumps, in small towns. You will also want to be cautious in the hills after you pass Ensenada because of narrower lanes and sometimes absent guardrails. Your Mexico car insurance is useful for travel emergencies such as blown tires or radiators in these areas. You will need to have your Mexican driving insurance documents for reference as you look up contact numbers in such situations. As you contact the call center associated with your car insurance for Mexico from, you will have bilingual support to address your concerns.

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