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Mexican Insurance for Autos

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Mexican Insurance for Autos – Is a Mexico Retirement in Your Future?

There are many appealing elements of life in Mexico that draw foreign retirees south as they look for an ideal place to spend their golden years. In fact, PBS recently featured the options and benefits for those looking at Mexico as a real possibility for retirement. Communities of retired expatriates are found throughout the nation. Before you make a final decision, some research trips may be advisable to ensure that you pick a spot that suits your needs. You will need Mexican insurance for autos to drive in the country. Your Mexico insurance policy details will vary based on your immediate and long-term travel plans.

Those seeking to spend their latter years in Mexico can often benefit from a lower cost of living. Food can be similar in pricing to that found in your home country, but housing and utility costs are often much lower. Medical care and medications are also often much less expensive. Home medical insurance policies may not be accepted, but the out-of-pocket costs are often less than what would be needed to meet deductibles and co-pay requirements at home. In fact, Mexican communities have even begun to offer affordable solutions for those needing community or assisted living solutions.

If you are looking at living in Mexico, you will want to consider legal requirements such as FM3 visas. You will also need to decide on living arrangements. Until you reach that status of immigrant, your Mexican insurance for autos meets your legal requirements for coverage. At the point of immigration, you will typically have to obtain Mexican plates after importing your vehicles, at which point Mexican insurance for autos is no longer applicable. At that time, you would need to find a Mexico insurance policy for retirees who have immigrated.

As you decide on a location, make a list of issues to check out, including utilities, neighborhoods, real estate limitations for foreigners, and services. In some cases, you may need some assistance from a real estate professional to find a location that will suit your needs. Be aware that assisted and community living arrangements are just becoming popular, meaning that regulation can be limited. Do your research.

Mexican insurance for autos by includes Roadside Assistance standard at no additional cost to you

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  • Paulina Roush
    July 26, 2015 5:31 pm

    Mexico offers a low cost of living, so it’s wise for seniors to spend the rest of their years in Mexico. Along with it is the necessity to get Mexico insurance as they can also enjoy traveling around Mexico.

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