Interesting Things to Do in Ensenada as You Drive Through Baja

Those driving through Baja California Norte are privileged with viewing one of the most scenic segments of the Transpeninsular Highway almost immediately after crossing into Mexico. Whether you are traveling early in the day or just before sunset, you can count on breathtaking sights the entire way from Tijuana to Ensenada. Concluding this stretch of the trip, you will find many interesting things to do in Ensenada, many of which are easier to access because you have your own vehicle. Mexican insurance for cars by Mexican Insurance Store is important, enabling you to explore with confidence because Mexican insurance for cars helps prevent you from being detained in any at fault auto accident in Mexico.

One of the simplest activities in the third largest city of Baja is to stop at the viewpoint on the outskirts of town for a photo opportunity. Sunset is a wonderful time to get a beautiful shot of the ocean, and you’ll enjoy stretching your legs while you take in the view. If your entry is earlier in the day, think about planning a stop on your return trip for a sunset photo shoot.

The waterfront is full of things to do in Ensenada. You can fit several activities into a day, or you can reserve a room in a local hotel so that you can explore at your leisure. Because of the cruise industry, you’ll find that many carts and gift shops are easily accessible along the water front. It may be easiest to find a good parking lot and to explore by foot. Enjoy a variety of seafood options like clam cocktails and fish tacos, some of the tastiest and most popular culinary offerings available. Look for artisan jewelry and art at seaside shops. Don’t be surprised by piñatas, ceramic figurines and beaded Indian necklaces.

La Bufadora is an exciting attraction in the area. The marine geyser can be an enjoyable and surprising experience as water sprays up from a sea cave through a naturally formed blowhole. Viewpoints provide visitors with the opportunity to safely see the action, listening to the regular crash of waves and thundering explosion of water. Wave strength affects the action, and the spouting repeats consistently on an almost minute-by-minute basis. Water sprayed can reach heights of up to 100 feet. There are plenty of vendors of foods and knick knacks in the area. You can also investigate a sit-down restaurant for eating while you enjoy the view. Fog can make it tough to see clearly, making it helpful to plan for a mid-morning or later viewing time. Fortunately, if you are driving in Baja, you have the freedom to adjust your schedule for the fog.

Are you a camping fan? Perhaps you love water parks. Both combine to provide fun things to do in Ensenada. Las Canadas is a camping area and water park that provides the opportunity to relax while remaining close to the amenities of the city. The Canopy Tour is an exciting series of zip lines and hanging bridges, providing you with adventure and challenge at the park. You can enjoy a calmer experience with paddleboats and fishing on the Las Canadas lake. Camping sites allow you to keep your car close to your spot, and cabins are available for those who need something more modern.

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La Bufadora

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