Interesting Points on Mexican Auto Insurance Online vs American Insurance!

Senor Mex Says: Thanks for the informative post about Mexican auto insurance online. The way in which you clarified the differences between U.S. auto insurance and Mexican auto liability insurance was very helpful. People do get confused about the situation, especially when their car insurance companies tell them that they will be covered down in Mexico. No matter what, a U.S.-based car insurance policy is not going to meet the liability needs that are required down in Mexico. That is precisely how so many people get burned while traveling down in Mexico. It is much better and safer to buy a high-quality Mexican auto insurance online policy instead. Its even better to buy it online because buying it at the border is more expensive and involves more risk – after all, you cant tell for sure what you are buying. Again, great post – keep up the good work!

Purchasing Insurance for Mexico Post

“Mexico law mandates that only insurance companies which are licensed and admitted in Mexico can provide “civil liability” auto insurance coverage that is recognized by the judicial system of Mexico. Although a few US insurance companies will extend physical damage coverage (collision, comprehensive) on your auto or RV while you are driving in Mexico, they cannot and do not provide Mexican liability.”

Purchasing Insurance for Mexico post here. Dont get confused – always buy valid, high-quality Mexican auto insurance Online.

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  • Hermila Schuster
    August 18, 2021 6:20 pm

    Mexican car insurance websites are created for our convenience when buying a policy. Gone are the traditional ways of getting insured through an agent or by visiting insurance companies.

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