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Mexican insurance for autos

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Mexican Insurance for Autos – Information for Communicating Across the Border

Your Mexican insurance for autos allows you to obtain towing or mechanical help if you have a breakdown while driving. This element of your Mexico auto insurance for travel requires that you contact the support number provided in your policy documents. A breakdown in the middle of nowhere could make this difficult if you don’t have a reliable wireless device or foreign calling plan. It’s a smart travel decision to evaluate the options before you get to the border so that you aren’t caught by surprise in an emergency.

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Roaming or international coverage?

Although roaming can connect you with a signal in a foreign setting, your costs to talk to a call center could be astronomical. Most helplines require some navigation of a voice menu, which can add minutes to your time. Additionally, Spanish communications could complicate the situation, especially if you don’t resolve your situation. Fortunately, you can obtain Mexico auto insurance that offers bilingual emergency support services, which can help in this scenario. However, there is still the matter of calling costs. Pro Tip: Mexican insurance for autos is now required for toll roads, so pick up Mexico auto insurance ahead of time!

Many wireless carriers are now offering very affordable international calling plans for those who want to keep in touch by text, Internet, or voice calls during their travels. In some cases, North American calling in Canada, the United States, and Mexico is comprehensively included in the basic plans. You may not want to switch carriers just for a short vacation, in which case, you can often add North American communications for low temporary pricing. Although texting is often free on these plans, you should make it a point to be familiar with data limits and per-minute rates for voice calls.

Get familiar with your Mexican insurance for autos

It is helpful to realize that there are a few limitations with your Mexico auto insurance, for example, coverage is valid only for legal drivers over the age of 21, which means that you should not allow a young driver to handle any of the driving responsibilities after you cross the border. It is also important to realize that your policy can be voided for an accident in an off-road location. Stick to conventional roads during your trip.

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