Using Travel Forums to Aid in Mexico Trip Planning!

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Mexico is a popular vacation destination. Because many people have visited this county, there is a wealth of information available on the Internet to aid travelers. Reviews of local restaurants, resorts and in-town activities have been written by experienced travelers. In order to help find the right travel forum and ensure reviews have been written by non-endorsed participants, prospective travelers may wish to visit specialized forums, read through multiple reviews and perform a search on the resort, eatery or attraction.

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If planning to take a Mexican cruise, one of the best places to review pre-deployment lodging options, recommended attractions and cruise providers is on a cruise forum. These have been written by former passengers and entries can help future travelers decide which company, cruise itinerary and optional attraction package is a smart investment. This is what I like because I can review travelers opinions about what an area is like, what was good, what was not worth the time and always my favorite, where to eat. Some of my most memorable meals have always been in “Local” eating establishments. So much so that my family laughs every time I ask if anyone is hungry because the next word out of their mouths will be “Are you looking for a LOCAL place?”

Lodging forums are great for land-based, Mexican travelers. A good lodging review site goes beyond hotel reviews to include reviewer-recommended attractions, restaurants, off-site activities and other points of interest. When reading reviews, prospective travelers should see if any pictures are included with the review. In cases of good and bad reviews, former guests post their own travel photos to point out areas of deficiencies or share recommended lodging/dining areas. Once traveled, be sure to return the favor and post your own review.

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Richard Aitkin July 3, 2013 at 5:50 pm

Plan your Mexico road trip memorable one to remember. Make it a lifetime event with your family friends and other loved ones. It is a place to be enjoyed with special people.

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