Top Five Mexico Travel Myths!

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Theres a lot of misinformation swirling around out there about Mexico. Instead of letting it ruin what could be an amazing trip, you should learn the truth. Below, youll find five of the most common travel myths about Mexico.

Myth #1: Its Too Dangerous to Drive in Mexico

This one couldnt be further from the truth. As long as you protect yourself with Mexican car insurance by Mexican Insurance Store, you shouldnt have any serious worries about driving south of the border. If youve heard that Mexico auto insurance is exorbitantly expensive, youve heard wrong. Driving in Mexico is perfectly safe; with a Mexican insurance online policy, you wont have to worry if you end up in a fender bender. Mexican insurance is essential if you want to enjoy a safe driving experience while youre south of the border.

Myth #2: You Can Find Any Prescription Drug Over the Counter

While some prescription drugs are available over the counter in Mexico, many arent. All too often people head down to Mexico to procure certain medications without valid prescriptions; keep in mind that you could raise red flags to pharmacists down in Mexico if you attempt to buy drugs without a prescription.

Myth #3: Everything in Mexico is Cheaper

Its a snap to plan an affordable Mexican vacation. However, that doesnt mean that everything in Mexico is magically cheaper than in the States. You still need to shop around to get the best deals. If you visit flea markets, you will need to perfect the art of haggling in order to get the best prices possible. Dont assume that everything you buy will be a steal, its still important to pay attention and to comparison shop.

Myth #4: You Will Have to Bribe the Cops

Theres a pervasive myth out there that suggests that visitors to Mexico generally end up giving bribes to unscrupulous south of the border authorities. Although corruption among cops used to be rampant in Mexico, its gotten a whole lot better. If a cop asks you for a bribe, ask to see the chief and that will generally put an end to such requests. Top five Mexico travel myths!

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