The six biggest Mexico mistakes you can avoid by Mexican insurance for autos from

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Mexican insurance for autos from – The six biggest Mexico mistakes you can avoid

When heading to Mexico, you should be excited as you prepare to travel. However, misunderstandings can result in unpleasant episodes ranging from an upset stomach to a stay in a Mexican jail. It’s important to travel with a good supply of common sense and a little awareness of some common pitfalls. Make sure your Mexican insurance for autos from is up to date, and carry the documents for your Mexican car insurance policy in your vehicle as you travel.

Six big mistakes to avoid

Following are some of the top errors you may want to avoid. It’s not tough to avoid them if you use that common sense that you’ve brought along:

  1. Watch the drinking water: Don’t drink the tap water. Carry bottled water or refill garafones as top-notch cleaning and refilling facilities. While a mild case of stomach cramps may be manageable, a parasite may result in extreme misery. Pay attention.
    Remember to buy Mexican insurance for autos from before taking off. If you get sick, you have medical coverage you can use. If you don’t have a Mexican car insurance policy, you might be out of luck.
  2. Watch the salsas: Not all Mexicans like their food spicy, and you don’t have to sacrifice your tongue or your pride by piling on a super-spicy sauce. If you aren’t sure, put a little on the side so that you can sample before dousing your taco.
  3. Be gracious with hospitable hostesses: Don’t reject food without a really good reason. Even if you don’t think you can eat or drink what is offered, make an effort to gracefully sample. Practice excuses for leaving early, or figure out how to share with the family pet.
  4. Watch what you pack, no guns! Do not bring a gun to Mexico. Even a shell casing could create problems at the wrong checkpoint. If there’s even a slight possibility of such items being in your vehicle, handle it before you cross the border.
  5. Watch who you offer money to: Never attempt to bribe federales, the officers often posted at military checkpoints.
  6. Think about your vehicle decisions: Starting with the purchase of quality Mexican insurance for autos from, you should be sure that your vehicle and your party are well-protected in case of unexpected incidents. A Mexican car insurance policy also addresses the potential fines in the states you will visit if you are responsible for an accident. You should also evaluate your potential losses in case of a wreck as you select Mexican insurance for autos from

    Mexican insurance for autos from gives you peace of mind!

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Leif Stalls July 6, 2014 at 10:56 pm

The biggest mistake to make while driving in Mexico is to take out insurance cover from unproven sources. It could end up being fake. I experienced this and that’s why I take my Mexican auto insurance from reliable places such as Mexican Insurance Store.

Arnita Lamontagne December 27, 2014 at 5:50 pm

Familiarizing yourself with the proper Mexican road signs will spare you when driving. It’s still my own willingness to drive carefully to lead me away from accidents. So far, my Mexican insurance helps me.

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