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Top-Rated Mexico Insurance – Shark Smarts for Mexico

Although shark attacks may not be your greatest concern as you visit Mexico, those who will be bound for the beach may have a heightened level of concern in light of recent shark incidents around the world. Statistics indicate that only five people per year die from shark attacks on a worldwide level, but it is still worth being prepared before you head into ocean waters. Your top-rated Mexico insurance doesn’t cover medical treatment for injuries suffered in a shark strike. However, investing in the best Mexican insurance for tourists available can be beneficial in that medical evacuation and other benefits related to grave injuries may be offered.

Risks Are Inherent with Ocean Swimming

It is important to realize that risks exist when you enter ocean waters to swim or surf. With this in mind, awareness is crucial. Do some research on the area you will visit to determine whether any recent shark activities have been reported. Ask locals as well. Although signs might be used to warn tourists, locals might be reluctant to broadcast this information as it could scare away business related to water activities.

Precautionary Measures

A shark sighting is fair warning not to enter the water. If sharks are visible, stay out. It is also important to avoid situations that might increase the interest of these creatures. For example, heavy fishing activity could increase the risk of contact because of bait. Shiny objects, major contrasts in swimwear, and splashing activity could also attract attention. If you have a cut that is bleeding, stay clear of the water. Avoid water activity when sunlight is waning or gone as you are less likely to view a shark. Staying together with your group and staying close to shore are additional important strategies for protecting yourself.

Protect Yourself Against Driving Risks

Similar strategies can be helpful for protecting yourself as you drive. For example, driving during times of waning light can be risky, resulting in a greater chance of an incident that requires a claim against your top-rated Mexico insurance. The best Mexican insurance for tourists won’t keep you safe from predators that are attracted to your flashy belongings or behaviors. Keep a low profile for maximum safety. If you do suffer any serious accidents while on the beach or the road, your top-rated Mexico insurance may assist with getting you or other members of your party transported home.

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