Reducing Mexico Travel Expenses: Single vs. Multiple Parties!

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The old expression, “the more the merrier,” is true when it relates to traveling in Mexico. The more persons a traveler is able to vacation with, the less expensive the travel expenses are on a per person basis. From being able to obtain group attraction rates (usually with 8 or more people in a travel group) to negotiating discounted lodging, meals and transportation, traveling as a travel party consisting of multiple persons can significantly reduce a vacations overall expenses.

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Single travelers can still take advantage of great travel discounts. If at all possible, try to find a travel buddy to vacation with; which will allow travelers to share expenses like lodging and cab fare. If unable to, single travelers desiring to save money should investigate local haciendas.

Part hostel, part full-service hotel, these facilities offer clean, comfortable rooms accompanied by home-cooked meals. Meals are usually taken with the family and other guests, so there are plenty of dining partners and opportunities to form new friendships.

Rates are low and unlike hotels, are based on a individual, per-person fee. When lodging in resorts, room rates are usually standard for two adults and two children. Travelers on family reunion vacations can save expenses by maximizing the four person per room allotment.

Other options include lodging in suites which can accommodate up to eight people or by reserving a one, two or three bedroom condo. When staying at a condo, overall meal prices are lower, as families can purchase their own groceries and take advantage of the facilitys kitchenette, outdoor grills and picnic areas.

Transportation options for multiple travelers can be weighed to see if chartering is more cost-effective than purchasing individual tickets. While chartered boats and long-term taxis can be expensive, self-chartering a rental boat or automobile is a less expensive option.

These transportation vehicles can be tailored to accommodate your travel party’s size, storage needs and planned activities. Reducing Mexico Travel Expenses: Single vs. Multiple Parties!

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Laurence Lasater July 17, 2013 at 6:13 pm

Great detail post. I think everyone who is planning to visit Mexico should go through this blog post to find out detail on minor things which usually get ignored.

Lizzie Wahl May 21, 2018 at 5:58 pm

Mexican insurance is your protective partner while driving and traveling. Still, the first and foremost thing to think about when driving to Mexico is to get car insurance.

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