Pick up Mexican insurance for Arizona drivers heading to Mexico!

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Mexican insurance for Arizona drivers Highway 1 scenic route

Pick up Mexican insurance for Arizona drivers heading to Rocky Point!

Rocky Point offers Phoenix, Arizona, residents a wonderful array of activities within easy reach with only a few hours of driving. You do need to be sure that your Mexican insurance for Arizona drivers is up to date so that you are traveling legally. It’s easy to get your Mexican auto insurance for Arizona drivers handled online so that you don’t need to waste travel time at the border.

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How to Get to Rocky Point from Phoenix

The 212-mile drive from Phoenix to Rocky Point Mexico takes nearly four hours depending on traffic, road stops, and your starting point. From Phoenix, you will travel approximately 30 miles on I-10 W to reach AZ-85 S, taking exit 112 onto AZ-85 and continuing another 118 miles to Lukeville. One advantage of having Mexican auto insurance for Arizona drivers is the ability to cross the border without having to stop. After crossing into Mexico, you will drive the final 63 miles to Rocky Point on Mexican Highway 8.

Mexican insurance for Arizona drivers is required!

Although the road to Rocky Point is well-traveled, you will want to exercise appropriate cautions en route. It is important to note that authentic Mexican insurance for Arizona drivers includes protection in case of vehicle emergencies on the road. Mexican insurance for Arizona drivers also gives you towing support, extra gasoline, or the change of a flat if you have a problem as you drive in Mexico.

Another advantage of Mexican insurance for Arizona drivers is having access to toll roads. Remember to buy Mexican car insurance for Arizona drivers before taking off!

What to do in Rocky Point?

Much of the charm of visiting Rocky Point, also known as Puerto Peñasco, is that you don’t have to do much. You can enjoy the beauty of the Sea of Cortez as you sunbathe on the beach or at a resort pool. But if you want to have fun, take your ATVs to go four-wheeling in the area. Bring a kayak or boat to get an up-close look at the waters. Fishing gear allows you to go after local species. You may just want to stuff yourself with tacos! Go to a resort or rent a luxury home! Just be sure your Mexican insurance for Arizona drivers stays current throughout your time in the country.

Mexican insurance for Phoenix drivers gives you peace of mind!

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Ellis Mahmoud March 5, 2015 at 4:46 pm

Rocky Point is my ideal place where I like spending my Christmas holidays. Thanks to online Mexican insurance that I am always well prepared in advance for my tour.

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