Michoacan Mexico – Enriched History and Flourished Nature!

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There are only few places in this world that exhibits everything from cultural abundance to natural ambience, from traditional roots to artistic creativity and from spiritual richness to soulful life. US and Canadian travelers visit the city especially to enjoy cultural events, traditional fairs, art festivals and concerts. The celebrations in different cities in the state allow you see the vibrant Mexican colors. The city of Janitzio is a serene island however, comes to life during the celebrations of Night of the Dead where boats float in the water with candles on them making a picturesque view of the Mexican tradition. Another attraction of the city is the 130 feet high monument of Don Jose Maria Morelos. To know more about the state, you should not miss out on enjoying the colors and celebrations of other cities. While traveling from one state to the other on your vehicle you should have Mexican auto insurance with you.

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Another famous town in the Michoacan is Uruapan which is famous as the world capital of avocados. The chapels, parishes and historical monuments have become major attraction for large number of Canadian voyagers. You will also find various murals created by famous Mexican artists while excursing through the city. If you want to decorate your house with unique handicrafts, you can buy them from handicrafts showrooms. You should pick handicrafts that have been made using pre Hispanic techniques. Uruapan is also known fro its beautiful natural landscapes. If you are visiting with your family, you should not miss out on visiting national heritage park which lies on the banks of river Cupatitzio. Get into the fresh water and enjoy the natural gift of freshness. You can call it a day with fine dinner in world class restaurant where carnitas and avocados are never out of demand. Michoacan Mexico – Enriched History and Flourished Nature!

How much do you know about butterflies? Beautiful butterflies are a point of interest for majority of kids visiting Mexico. If you want your kids to have a closer look of their favorite butterfly, you cannot afford to miss the city of Zitacuaro which is also known as Country of the Monarch butterfly. The city is home to various natural sanctuaries where you can find several insects migrating from US and Canada every year. The city is also famous for its lagoons as well as mines and tourists from all over the world prefer the city especially for its ecotourism.


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