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There are some sites in Mexico that can’t be reached by car. However, driving is an ideal way to reach the transportation hubs for these hidden spots. Las Caletas is an example, accessible by catamaran from Peurto Vallarta. Of course, driving can get you to Puerto Vallarta, and Mexico insurance at Mexican Insurance Store can ensure legal and safe driving en route. You can get your Mexican insurance at Mexican Insurance Store in just minutes, purchasing and printing your documents easily. As you research the features of Las Caletas, take time to evaluate the quality and comprehensive coverage of car insurance for Mexico online.

Now that I have Mexico insurance at Mexican Insurance Store, why can’t I drive to Las Caletas?

Mexican insurance at Mexican Insurance Store ensures that your driving is in compliance with Mexican law. However, it can’t create roads that don’t exist. The private cove of Las Caletas has no improved roads to the area. The use of watercraft is a must. However, the activities available are amazing, well worth the out-of-the-way trip. You can visit a luxury spa or enjoy a zipline adventure. There are family-friendly activities as well.

It’s wise to choose full coverage when you purchase your car insurance for Mexico online. Although you may be provided with security for your vehicle when you embark on your venture to Las Caletas, there is always the possibility of theft or vandalism. It’s helpful to know that if anything goes wrong, your Mexico insurance at Mexican Insurance Store will provide protection against loss. When you get your Mexican insurance at Mexican Insurance Store, be sure to check out the expanded coverage for vandalism and partial theft.

Las Caletas history

The area became well-known because of the actor, John Huston. He discovered the remote spot during a visit to Puerto Vallarta when the area was known mostly for fishing. The actor leased land from the Chacala indians in the area. Today, travel businesses lease land in the area. An emphasis on minimal impact construction ensures that the land is protected from extreme change.

There are many more sites to consider in the Puerto Vallarta region. Your car insurance for Mexico online provides you with coverage throughout the nation, making it perfect for a variety of venues. Maximum indemnity limits are recommended when you get your Mexico insurance at Mexican Insurance Store so that you are properly covered for all states.

Mexico insurance at Mexican Insurance Store gives you peace of mind!

Mexico insurance at Mexican Insurance Store Las Caletas


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