Mexican insurance policy and Traffic Issues when Driving in Mexico

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Are you preparing for travel to Mexico? As you get the details arranged for your vacation, it’s helpful to understand a little bit about Mexican traffic. It’s also especially important to make sure that you have a reliable Mexican insurance policy. Because traffic can be confusing, tourists can find themselves in unexpected collisions from time to time. Without a legitimate Mexican insurance for cars, you can find yourself facing serious problems. Mexican Insurance Store .com is an excellent resource for tracking down a comprehensive Mexican insurance policy that will keep you out of hot water if you do have an incident.


One of the less familiar road situations you may encounter is the roundabout. While this feature is becoming better known in the United States, many people struggle with how to navigate the area. Moving into the busy Tijuana border region, you may encounter a multi-lane roundabout that can be a little intimidating. Although traffic lights are present to manage the area, movement around the obstacle can be fast-paced and frazzling. It’s important to pay careful attention and know your direction as you move into the area. Your Mexican insurance policy is helpful is you should encounter problems.


You might be surprised to find speed bumps, also known as topes, on main roads. However, they exist. Just as you would slow down for a speed bump in a parking lot, you need to be careful with your speed as you cross the topes. Make sure that your Mexican insurance for cars includes provisions for repairs in the US, and Canada (All policies in Mexico allow repair in Mexico. Many restrict repair to Mexico only however) just in case you end up going too fast over a speed bump and experiencing damage to your vehicle. All Mexican Insurance Store .com policies comprehensively allow repair in multiple countries.

Left Blinker

You are accustomed to use of your left blinker for signaling either your intent to turn or your preparation to change lanes. Mexican use of the left blinker can also indicate that it’s safe to pass. This is especially common on the Transpeninsular Highway through two-lane areas. A slow-moving vehicle in front of you may use the left blinker to inform you that it’s safe to pass. If a vehicle behind you makes this signal, there is an indication that the driver wants to pass. The two-lane portions of rural highways can be more difficult to evaluate when you are facing mountainous areas, curves or bridges. If you or another driver makes an error that results in a collision, you’ll be thankful to have a good Mexican insurance policy to cover the related issues.

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