Mexican Insurance Online and Random Tips About Driving in Mexico!

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Theres no reason to be worried about driving in Mexico. Although there are some quirks and tips that you need to brush up on, theres no need to avoid driving south of the border altogether. Every day, thousands of tourists hit the road in Mexico. Very few of them will encounter any issues whatsoever.

Never Go without Mexico Auto Insurance

The number one tip for driving in Mexico is to buy Mexican insurance from online Mexican Insurance Store. Some people buy their Mexican car insurance at the border. However, its a lot smarter to buy your Mexico car insurance online prior to leaving. By purchasing your Mexican car insurance online, you can guarantee that you never drive while uninsured. Furthermore, buying your Mexican insurance online will save you money. Finally, youll get better quality insurance by purchasing it on the Internet.

Keeping Your Car Fueled

In the U.S. and Canada, drivers take pay at the pump for granted. In fact, its quite unusual to run across a gas station in those countries that doesnt offer this service. The same is not true in Mexico. Pemex gas stations, which are incredibly ubiquitous in Mexico, often dont even accept credit cards! They usually accept U.S. dollars and Mexican pesos, though, so make sure you have cash on hand as you drive along.

Be Patient About Military Stops

Military checkpoints are facts of life in Mexico. Keep in mind that Mexican drivers deal with them each and every day. When you’re traveling south, you probably wont encounter very many of them; when youre traveling north, though, youll sometimes feel like theres a checkpoint at every turn. Be polite and patient when stopping at these checkpoints. If your vehicle needs to be searched, dont express frustration about the situation, it could encourage the authorities to take an even longer time than necessary.

Avoid Road Rage

If you think that drivers in the U.S. and Canada are aggressive, youve never driven in a Mexican city. Mexican drivers are often extremely aggressive; they have little patience for people who dont know where they are going or what they are going. If you find yourself in front of an especially aggressive driver, resist the urge to “fight back.” If possible, pull over and allow the driver to pass. If youre on the freeway, turn on your left blinker when the coast is clear to let the driver know that its safe to pass. Get away from the driver as soon as possible so that you dont escalate the situation. Random tips about driving in Mexico! To gain more info on driving tips, simply visit here.

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