Mexican Insurance for Baja and Spring Break in Mexico!

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Senor Mex Says: This is actually a very informative article about Baja, Mexicos top spring break destination! Its nice to see the emphasis on obtaining Mexican insurance for Baja. Anyone who wants to enjoy themselves in a safe way while down in Baja needs to grab this important coverage. Without Mexican car insurance, a spring break getaway could spiral into disaster. After planning everything out so well, the last thing you want to do is sit behind bars while the whole mess gets straightened out. Its so easy to get Mexican insurance that skipping it over is just foolhardy. I recommend going online and buying a policy before even leaving home. While its available at the border, you could easily get ripped off. By purchasing it online, youll get a great price and youre sure to get high quality coverage! eTravelTips Post

“Most Baja destinations can be driven to in just a day (maybe two for Cabo), so you dont have to spend big bucks on a plane ticket. Since Baja is in the Mexican free zone, you won’t need a permit for your car. All you need is Mexican car insurance, which you can purchase online, and you are good to go. Here are some of the most popular spring break destinations in Baja.

Read the whole eTravelTips post here. Remember that buying Mexican insurance for Baja is really easy to do online.

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