Mexican Insurance by – Fishing In Mexico: Do I Need a License?

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Mexican Insurance by – Fishing In Mexico: Do I Need a Fishing License?

Whether it is an already-booked fishing excursion in a freshwater lake or a spur-of-the-moment desire to camp in a local forest and live off of the land, if planning on participating in any type of fishing activity while in Mexico, all travelers aged 16 and over will need a fishing license. While these can be purchased upon entry into the country, if your already-planned vacation itinerary includes any type of fishing activity, it is advisable to apply for and purchase your fishing license ahead of time.

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Since your fishing license will be purchased from another country, due to international mail service and Mexican processing times, it is best to purchase your fishing license at least six to eight weeks before departure. Licenses are processed by the Mexican Department of Fisheries.

Before contacting them directly and beginning the license’s paperwork, it is important to have the following information available:

1. The number of fishing licenses needed (people in your party who will be fishing)

2. Everyone’s exact names, as printed on their passports.

3. Specific dates you plan on needing license coverage.

While you may get a fishing license to cover the entire duration of your trip, if knowing the exact dates of your fishing activities, you can save money on your license, as they are priced by the license’s validity period.   While ordering a fishing license ahead of time is easier, this method may end up costing more, as you cannot pay in pesos with advance orders.

Moreover, you must also pay shipping costs to have the licenses mailed. If wanting to wait on fishing license purchases after arriving in Mexico, visit a marina, any government-sponsored tourism office or your hotel’s concierge for purchase information. Before exiting the country, be sure to surrender your fishing license to authorities, as this is required prior to departure. Just remember, Mexican Insurance by can be used to keep you out of jail.

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Callean Polk June 3, 2013 at 7:00 pm

Fishing is a popular activity that tourists enjoy during their vacation in Mexico. It is important however to acquire a fishing license if you are planning to participate on any fishing activity while in Mexico. While it is possible to purchase the license upon entry, it is advisable to apply for and purchase your fishing license ahead of time.

Dot Crofoot January 28, 2014 at 4:47 pm

To me it’s kinda weird when you need to apply for a fishing license when all you want to do is to catch some fish. However, I am not bothered too much about such requirements as I am almost sure that there are very cheap alternatives available to choose from.

Karole Goodsell January 28, 2014 at 4:47 pm

I am a fishing fanatic and if Mexico requires a license for it, then why not? Fishing is a great sports activity apart from driving around town in Mexico by car.

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