Mexican Car Insurance Policies: Electronic vs. Paper!

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Up until quite recently, you could only get Mexican car insurance policies on paper. There were many drawbacks to such scenarios; must importantly, processing these policies took considerable amounts of time. While paper policies are still in widespread use, theres a much more viable alternative available today: electronic Mexican insurance online policies. Since you actually have a choice in the matter, its always best to opt for an electronic policy. Doing so wont just save you time – it will help guarantee that your policy is being put into immediate effect. Considering the serious risks that are involved in driving without a Mexican Insurance auto insurance policy, it is imperative to make sure that yours is valid and active before you cross the border.

A Policy That Can’t Get Lost in the Mail

When you buy a paper Mexican car insurance policy, there are too many opportunities for mistakes and errors to be made. After signing up for one, the agent is supposed to send it off to Mexico right away. Unfortunately, that doesnt always happen; instead, your paperwork could very well sit there for several days. Even if the paperwork for your Mexican insurance policy is sent out right away, it could easily get lost in the mail and it takes 10 days to pass through customs and travel to Mexico city where most of the major insurers reside. An electronically-generated policy, on the other hand, is transmitted instantly and securely.

The Security of an Internet-Driven Policy

You dont have to be all that tech savvy to realize how quickly information is transmitted online. With a few clicks of the mouse button, you can send information to a person whos halfway across the world in mere seconds. That same power and speed can be tremendously beneficial when it comes to buying Mexican auto insurance. By ordering your policy online, you can rest assured that authorities south of the border are receiving your information right away. Instead of entering Mexico riddled with anxiety about your coverage, you can enter the country confident in the knowledge that you are protected.

The Downfall of a False Sense of Security

Sometimes, people feel more secure about buying insurance for Mexico when they are handed an actual piece of paper. A paper policy is tangible and can feel very official. Unfortunately, though, it can also give you a truly false sense of security. Whether youre zipping over the border for a quick one-day trip – or if you’re heading deep into the heart of Mexico – the last thing that you need is to be driving around without valid insurance. Sadly, the odds of that happening are much higher when you buy an old-fashioned, mailed-in insurance policy.

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