Mexican auto insurance through; Reasons to Drive to Rocky Point

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Mexican auto insurance through; Reasons to Drive to Rocky Point

Señor Mex says: As this article notes, Rocky Point has begun construction on a port for cruise ships. This will add an interesting tourism focus to the popular destination, allowing people to visit the area without driving.

If you will be driving to Rocky Point, you will need to be sure that your Mexican auto insurance through is updated so that you can travel with peace of mind and outstanding protection. The cruise port construction is just getting underway, and you may want to get a first-hand view of the activity. Additionally, you can expect it to be a while before the completion of the project. When it is finished, Arizona residents will have access to a superb spot for beginning their ship adventures. Remember Mexican auto insurance through is needed to drive on any highway and Mexican auto insurance through keeps you from being detained in an auto accident.

However, this will also provide a unique opportunity for those who love the short drive to Rocky Point. Not only can you consider a short getaway or a long-term stay in a vacation rental, but you can also think about a getaway from your getaway. Those with vacation homes in Rocky Point, for example, can use their homes as staging locations for more luxurious vacations, beginning cruises from the resort town. The possibilities are truly intriguing.

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Tucson News Now article:

After years of talking, planning, and finding the funding, a major construction project finally got underway today in Puerto Penasco, Mexico, better known to most Americans as Rocky Point.

Read the full article here.

Mexican auto insurance through Rocky Point Adventure

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Gala Todaro February 26, 2014 at 4:27 pm

Currently driving to Rocky Point is the easiest way to access the resort. As a result you may want to buy or renew your car insurance because it is illegal to drive in Mexico without Mexican auto insurance.

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