Mexican car insurance policy coverage and pedestrian traffic

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Whether your trip to Mexico will be restricted to a border town, or whether you plan on driving far into the mainland, it’s important to realize that pedestrian traffic can present a problem. It’s always important to have a reputable Mexican car insurance policy so that you are covered if you are involved in any kind of incident. You can research Mexican insurance for cars at Mexican Insurance Store to find the most comprehensive policy options. Click here for more Mexican car insurance policy online information.

Market traffic

One of the most important areas that requires your vigilance as you watch for pedestrians is a market. Whether you visit the huge Hidalgo Market in Tijuana or a small local flea market in a remote ejido, pedestrians come out in force to enjoy the atmosphere. There’s a lot of great interaction, and you’ll enjoy purchasing fruits and vegetables, tasting aguas frescas and practicing your Spanish. Some markets are only open one or two days each week, and locals know that this is the day to shop.

Attention to traffic is the last thing on the shoppers’ minds. Kids are even less vigilant. All it takes is one distracted pedestrian to throw a wrench in your vacation. However, your Mexican car insurance policy coverage can help you in dealing with these issues if they crop up. When you read about Mexican insurance for cars online, you should verify liability limits to be sure that current 502 labor law requirements are included.

Remote highways and pedestrians

Another issue you may deal with in agricultural communities is the lack of awareness about traffic. Immigrant workers come from all over the nation to work in areas like the tomato fields of San Quintín. Many travel from remote villages with little awareness of how traffic flows on a highway. An unexpected run across a highway can lead to a calamity. Make sure that you have the appropriate Mexican car insurance policy so that you won’t be financially devastated in such an instance.

Border traffic

Surprisingly, there is a lot of pedestrian traffic as travelers return to the United States. A large part of this is due to vendors trying to catch that last sale as visitors wait in long, slow-moving lines. Sometimes, passengers will unexpectedly get out of a car to make a stop at a booth. Attentive driving is just as important as Mexican insurance for cars. Prepare by selecting a Mexican car insurance policy online before heading out!

Where in Mexico do you drive with your Mexican car insurance policy?

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Zarben Brodec June 12, 2013 at 5:38 pm

I usually avoid driving through the highway at night in Mexico. This is because most drivers here do not often use their turn signals. They change lanes without a warning. Hitting their cars is truly a huge problem.

Fons Ransom August 15, 2013 at 7:22 pm

In the Urban Mexican life, always be on the lookout for a person who decides to dash across the street. Knocking down a pedestrian can be a big disaster in case there is no Mexico insurance.

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