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Insurance for Mexico – Looking for a Jurassic adventure during your Mexican vacation?

If you are fascinated by dinosaurs or have children who love the creatures, then the latest Jurassic Park installment may have your minds on seeing some dino attractions. Combine that with your trip to Mexico, and you may have the summer adventure of a lifetime. Hopefully, it won’t be quite as intense as that depicted on the big screen, but to be on the safe side, be sure that you have insurance for Mexico travel on your side. After all, your Mexican auto insurance for travel is a matter of legal responsibility and self-preservation.

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Finding dinosaur attractions

Your trip itinerary may be the biggest factor in determining what kind of dinosaur exploration you will do. If your destination is set in stone, your online research of cities along your route will allow you to identify any official museums and sites featuring the Jurassic creatures. Terms like Jurassic, paleontology, and dinosaur may help as you search. However, don’t miss the less obvious options. For example, Coahuila’s Museo Del Desierto, Museum of the Desert, highlights dinosaurs without the site’s name reflecting this focus. You can also look up terms such as dinosaur bones and state names. Baja, for example, is known for bone discoveries in the El Rosario area. Connecting with locals may allow you to identify interesting desert spots to explore.

Remember that a gringo solo, a foreigner who is alone, may risk dangers in a hot desert during the summer. Make sure that an informal expedition includes plenty of water for each member of your party. Consider investing in a SPOT emergency notification system to ensure that you can get help if you get lost or have vehicle trouble.

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Why exactly do you need insurance for Mexico? 

Your Mexican auto insurance for travel provides assistance with issues such as a breakdown or blown tire. However, your coverage does not cover off-road activity. While you might like the idea of driving into a remote area to see if you can find your own fossils, doing so can jeopardize your insurance for Mexico coverage. We want you to stay safe so that you won’t miss the sequel in your own Jurassic adventure story.

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Robt Mcmillon August 4, 2015 at 5:54 pm

Your Mexican insurance matters. In Mexico, you can take a memorable journey through the islands of your much-loved adventures. It’s wonderful to see the T-rex jaws at the river adventure of Jurassic Park.

Suellen Crawley September 24, 2018 at 6:17 pm

Do you often visit Mexico? Good! 6-month or an annual Mexico insurance policy is the best option to spend your money on.

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