Live in San Diego? Head to Rosarito with Mexican insurance for San Diego Travelers!

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Mexican insurance for San Diego Rainbow, Rosarito Beach, Baja

Live in San Diego? Head to Rosarito with Mexican insurance for San Diego Travelers!

Living in San Diego, you may already enjoy visiting Mexico from time to time. While tourist areas may be a fun diversion from time to time, the brash nature of places like Tijuana might not be for you. However, you are also very close to Rosarito, an area that still caters to tourists but offers some more meaningful activities and venues. You could get Mexican insurance for San Diego at the border, but…that would be a mistake. Do the research and buy Mexican auto insurance for San Diego online. At the border, higher costs and extra fees will get you inferior coverage.

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How to get from San Diego to Rosarito

Did you remember to purchase Mexican insurance for San Diego before taking off? Don’t forget that Mexican auto insurance for San Diego is required across the border!

The drive to Rosarito is very simple once you get beyond the border point. I-5 takes you over the border, and you will want to watch for a green light as you wait at the crossing to be sure that you have permission to go. Watch for road signs indicating the route to Rosarito. The street you are on coming out of the border station is Vía Rápida José Fimbres Moreno, the Vía Rápida for short. Get on southbound Mexican Highway 1, Carretera Federal 1, approximately 1 mile after crossing the border. Rosarito is only another 15 miles’ drive, approximately 20 minutes from the border.

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If you are traveling just for a day, you might select one-day Mexican car insurance for San Diego just to see the area. You may love the setting so much, however, that you decide to later buy annual Mexican insurance for San Diego so that you can come and go at your leisure. Beaches can be active during tourist seasons, but things are calmer during the weekdays and off-season. Enjoy casual dining along the beach or in town. Check out furniture shops and other spots for local decor. Try out a Mexican golf course for a new twist on a favorite activity. Your Mexican insurance for San Diego is the starting point for many new adventures.

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Edyth Newbill March 2, 2015 at 4:24 pm

With a smartphone and micro printer, am never worried about taking Mexican auto insurance for my car whenever I choose to travel down to Rosarito.

Kasi Coulombe March 7, 2017 at 4:30 pm

Where you buy Mexican insurance from makes a big difference in your insurance claims and benefits. Many travelers have trusted Mexican Insurance Store for their exceptional insurance services.

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