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Mexican insurance online – Learn about Christmas Eve Mexican style

While you may not be traveling on Christmas Eve, you might wonder what the traditions of Mexico are like at Christmas time. The Noche Buena celebration actually takes a higher place of importance for many, and the following day may be more characterized by rest as people recover from a late night of festivities. If you will be in Mexico at this time, your Mexican insurance should be in place prior to your arrival. If you decide at the last minute to buy Mexico auto insurance and make a quick trip, you will appreciate the fact that online coverage is available to buy 24/7 throughout the year.

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Evening traditions

Each family may celebrate somewhat uniquely, but many families include a midnight mass in their plans for observing Navidad. Other families use this time for a quiet dinner together with an exchange of gifts following. Some have a festive celebration on Noche Buena, the good night, feasting on tamales and ponche de Navidad. Piñatas are included in festivities for children, and while some families may opt for familiar Christmas symbols such as trees or snowmen, many use the more traditional star-shaped piñata. Many wait for midnight to open gifts.

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Foods of Navidad

Tamales are popular as a main dish at Christmas, and you may hear a squealing pig in the distance if you visit during the day before Christmas. You’ll find sugar cane and guayaba among the wares carried home from the abarrotes, grocery stores. These are crucial elements for the ponche. Buñuelos are easily made with tortillas and miel, honey. The fried tortillas become crisp and brown, and a heavy drizzling with the honey makes them perfect for the individual with a serious sweet tooth.

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Shops may be open during the day of Noche Buena, but they will typically close early in the evening. Be sure to eat before it is too late. Exercise caution while driving as there is the same level of activity and excitement that you might expect anywhere. Quality Mexico car insurance is important for guarding against legal problems and financial issues if you have an accident. Your Mexican insurance online at MexicanInsuranceStore.com includes support services if you have distracted moments that lead to being locked out. You also want to ensure that your Mexico auto insurance meets the standards for the states you will visit.

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Franchesca Filippini March 19, 2015 at 5:57 pm

I had the best Noche Buena celebrations ever this year in Mexico. It was a night of visiting many spots in La Paz driving and zooming on all my friends in the neighborhoods. Thanks to online Mexican insurance policy for Canadians that I was able to just book it in time.

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