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Mexico Insurance by Mexican Insurance Store.com Cabo Pulmo, Baja California

Mexico Insurance by Mexican Insurance Store.com – Experience the Natural Mexico; Visit Baja California

With its prime location on the Pacific Coast, Baja, California is a popular tourist destination. Just as there are many man-made attractions to explore, this region boasts some of Mexico’s most interesting natural wonders.

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Depending on activity, travelers should plan their visits here based on seasonal weather conditions and/or migratory patterns. From exploring a cave, to whale watching and desert trekking, Baja, California offers something for all naturalists.

In the Baja, California region, one of the most popular activities to do involves cave exploration. Many of these caves were once inhabited and as a result, display artwork featuring humans, mammals and sea life. As with most traditional cave paintings, numerous scenes depict hunting activities. To visit any cave, a person must obtain a permit from the national Institute of Anthropology and History. These are very easy to get from any town in the Baja region. For the ultimate cave going experience, team up with a guide who can interpret the cave art, show you hidden drawings and provide inside information about the former inhabitants.

For a different type of activity, consider whale watching. Gray Whales are popular residents in the Baja, California area during the winter months. Baja’s warm waters offer optimal breeding grounds to help repopulate this protected species. If interested, some of the best viewing areas are located at the Laguna Ojo de Liebre.

Some Mexican deserts resemble those found in America but due to the country’s large size and diverse landscape, Mexican deserts can have varied forms of plant and animal life.

Some of the cactus plants in these deserts are several hundreds of years old. When going, be on the lookout for rattlesnakes, tarantulas and spiny cacti.  Most importantly, bring a camera with you in case you are able to find the famous Chaparral Bird; known to Americans as a Roadrunner

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Ashton Kotzur June 10, 2013 at 5:42 pm

Whether you have auto insurance or not, you must be careful when driving in Mexico as traffic laws are not always enforced. This is one of the reasons some drivers just ignore them. So I always make sure that the road is clear before I start driving through an intersection.

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